Two months don’t need to fall into the garbage, chasing the dust sweeping robot makes my Soho life more comfortable

From the end of 2019, the new crown epidemic has changed many of our many living habits and work habits. Including me, more and more people are beginning to try home, whether they are forced or active, SOHO is gradually popular in this special era.

Take myself as an example, one person stays at home for a long time, and the resulting domestic garbage is significantly more than that of the past. It is tired of working in a day, no one is willing to spend too much energy in cleaning. Therefore, the sweeping robot that can be scanned will be able to put on the agenda.

In the end, after more comparison, the chasing automatic dust sweeping robot L10 PLUS was selected.


The reason for choosing it is very simple, the suction is large enough, even if there is a pet, you can absorb clean; 4L super dust bag dust, up to 65 days of home garbage, do not need to bend your pet hair every day; 3D Three-dimensional avoidance, slippers, and charging lines will automatically go around.

Suction, 4000Pa power is full

Many flagship sweeping machines in the impression also promoted 2700pa suction, but in front of L10 Plus, 2700Pa’s suction is really nothing, because it is up to 4000Pa. Whether it is a large particle of a category of melon shells, or a small dusty dust, which can be used to absorb one. Of course, in the face of different terrestrial conditions, you can freely switch in super, strong, standard, quiet four-speed suction.

Combined with anti-wrapped comb design, dealing with the hair of the cat’s pet, is also your heart.


In addition to sweeping clean, L10 plus is equally excellent, three-speed adjustable water, can cope with different dirty floors, up to 170m2 wet-drag-profile, even large-four-room large appendix can be easily response.

Many absorbed, more

In the past, after every clearance, it is necessary to artificially poured the garbage from the dust box. For my family, there is a pet family, I can’t swee it every day, but I have to bend my waist and do it. “Lazy People’s plan is greatly interfered.


Chasing L10 PLUS has self-dusting function, each cleaning, automatically draws garbage in the sweeping machine into the dust bag of dustproof, no need to be bent over, no need to bend.

The capacity of the dust bag has reached a giant of 4L. Don’t underestimate the number of these 4L. If the garbage in the family is the floating, pet hair is mainly, it can be loaded with home garbage for about 65 days. In other words, in these two months, I basically don’t have to worry about the problem of garbage.

After the dust is full, it will also be automatically reminded that the dust bag can be replaced to open the next 65-day garbage storage process. The design of the automatic seal is added, and it is more intimate to prevent the dust during replacement.

This is too friendly, which can take the initiative to clean the ground outside, keep the home clean and hygiene.


Don’t worry about the dust of the dust, there will be residues when the dust is adsorbed, and the automatic dust sweeping robot L10 PLUS has a circular double-windway design, a mouth is blowing dust, a mouth to suction. In 10 seconds, you can clean the dust in the sweeping machine to clean and clean, which greatly reduces the chances of artificial cleanup dust boxes.

3D three-dimensional avoidance, not at home also dare to sweep


The previous sweeping robot, I didn’t disclaimed that people were not at home to cleanse. The slippers and cables such as the ground must be cleaned up before the cleaning, and it is simply a nanny of the sweeper.


With the chasing l10 plus, you don’t have to be so troublesome. It has 3D three-dimensional avoidance technology, double-line laser radar navigation system. The top LDS laser radar can quickly scan the home environment, the laser radar in front of the fuselage can achieve 3D reconstruction of the home environment and accurately of the ground obstacle, thereby achieving accurate sense of more than 100 obstacles. I won’t appear in the past, the embarrassment of the trash can, slippers to each corner will never appear.

The intelligence of the app is also more intimate, with multiple map storage features, even if the retest of the three-story building does not need to be built; the map can be named after each room, each time you can clean the room, you can also set the penalty area For example, do not let it go to the carpet to wet the carpet.


With the automatic dust sweeping robot L10 Plus, my life space is clearly made up, more importantly, I can make me time to lazy, put more energy at work and take care of the dog. superior. If you want to have a hand without a three-day two, you don’t have to clean up the cable, the sweeping robot of the slippers, you can consider this to completely liberate your hands. Plus.

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