What space beans are, how much do you know about choosing usage and definitions

Definition and selection of space beans

Space bean is simply an oval rubber with a hole in the middle, when used, the wire is first passed through the middle, and then hooked the fishing line and pulled over, space bean is one of the important components in a set of fishing tackle, space bean bundle on the fishing line, can be used to strengthen the rod and fishing line

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, as well as to secure the floating base and lead skin.

Space beans bound to the fishing line has a sense of damping, can well control the fixed position of the fish drifting plumpant, space beans also according to the thickness of the fishing line subdivision of many applicable models, space bean appearance color is mainly black, one is the rubber primary color itself is black, and there is no need to observe the changes of space beans when fishing, make color eye-catching but will cause fish alertness.

How to choose a good space bean

Elasticity: space beans must be selected high-quality rubber production, no aging elasticity is good, inferior space beans one is used for a long time will age and lose elastic cracking, and too hard space beans, too much resistance when adjusting can easily lead to damage to the fishing line, intuitively feel the surface of space beans to ensure uniform and no cracks.

Volume: In the case of ensuring that the line can pass through, the smaller the space bean, the better, and the larger the space bean, the greater the resistance in the water and the greater the impact. Shape: Space beans try to choose two slightly thinner rugby balls or cylindrical, not suitable for choosing tadpole type space beans, due to the small contact area on the inside, it is easy to slip and fix after being wet.

Precautions for the use of space beans: Two space beans fixed with floating bases, there should be a slight gap of 1-2 mm in the middle, too close and too tight to have no space for activity, which will affect the natural floating inclination of the floating seat and affect the observation on the water surface.

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