Liu Wen brought this “blue shirt”, which is high-grade and thin, and is super suitable for commuting

Many people have a stereotype of shirts, thinking that when worn on the body, they will inevitably look professional. White shirts do have such a problem, but it is not helpless, if you want to avoid presenting this state, you can try the “blue shirt” that was brought by Liu Wen, there is no white shirt serious and old-fashioned, and at the same time it is very suitable for spring and summer!

Liu Wen, who has always been “active” in the entertainment industry as a model, has her own views on fashion. The combination of blue shirts brings out her own temperament and atmosphere. A blue shirt with jeans, a blue umbrella on a rainy day, the lazy and casual atmosphere after the rain can be completely highlighted.

The blue shirt brought out the indifferent and cold temperament on Liu Wen’s body to the extreme. A small white lapel panel at the neckline gives the originally monochromatic blue shirt a higher sense of design. The matching straight-leg jeans have a superb effect of modifying the leg shape, while the top is tucked into the waistband of the trousers, lengthening the leg proportions, this figure is only envious of ordinary people!

Liu Wen has always taken simplicity and atmosphere as one of her matching concepts, and many times uses the simplest pieces to create a high-end texture. The blue shirt has a glossy satin material that is visually thin and delicate enough, even the jeans are dark blue and stiff, and you can still choose this way without her good figure.

Blue shirts can really be tried this spring and summer, allowing you to change your fixed thinking about shirts and re-appreciate the fashionable texture brought by shirts.

Selection details for the “blue shirt”

How can you not have such a delicate and unscrupulous blue shirt? The freshness and elegance of blue is as if it is tailor-made for spring and summer, a clear stream in the hot summer. Even a simple combination like Liu Wen can highlight the high-end minimalist texture.

Our figure is not particularly excellent, so we can try a wider range when choosing a shirt, purposefully highlight the advantages of the body and modify the disadvantages, and it is certainly not wrong to start from these aspects.

(1) Small details of the color of the shirt

To know that the blue shirt it just gives you a general direction, in fact, there are many different colors of brightness of blue to choose to try. Of course, the texture that can be highlighted by the difference in brightness is also very different~

Classic Blue:

The color scheme of classic blue is written is simple, without the visual fatigue caused by complicated color matching, and a touch of blue is used to present a calm and gentle temperament.

Haze blue

: The haze blue with a lower color brightness allows yellow and black leather to have the quiet elegance brought by this blue shirt. It does not pick the skin color at all, and the whiter the skin, the whiter the person will look whiter.

Lake blue

: This kind of light blue similar to the lake, the color will not only have blue, but also a faint hint of green, and the temperament is cold and advanced.

(2) Small details of the shirt version

In addition to the color, the shape of the blue shirt is not limited to the basic style, try more shirts with special details, the same is a blue shirt, you can also make your blue shirt look more advanced, there is a completely different experience from the basic model.

1. Neckline

Small details of the shirt are first recommended to be placed above the chest, regardless of the figure. As long as you have the collarbone line can be presented.

A blue shirt with one-shoulder or one-sided slanted shoulders can be used, even if the collarbone line is not particularly obvious for non-skinny girls, the highlight is a plump and sexy temperament.

2. Bare back

The small details of the backless design give the blue shirt the romance of the wildest details, highlighting the sexiness in the most understated and unkitsch way. Although it looks ordinary from the front, the details of the exposed back are hidden from the back!

3. Bat sleeves

The bat-sleeved shirt will be more suitable as a jacket with a camisole underneath, and a loose and draped design detail in the sleeve tube position is great.

A classic combination of “blue shirts”

Blue shirt its matching method is the same as its color, simple atmosphere is the most able to highlight the temperament, the simpler the matching to create a sense of high-end from the road will be more obvious ~ these classic combinations of blue shirts, live and learn.

(1) Blue shirt + jeans

When the fresh and elegant blue shirt is matched, it will have a higher level of visual embodiment.

Blue shirts and jeans have always been a golden partner, the classic blue of jeans plus the casual temperament of blue shirts, it is recommended that shirts reduce the feeling of bloat, and the neckline position is properly unbuttoned, casual and sexy.

The blue shirt and jeans should also pay attention to the position of the waist line, the position of the high waist shows the superiority of the proportion of the body, and the curve of the body line presented by the proportion is also a prominent feature of the sense of premium.

Or you can tuck the corners of the top into the waist of the trousers, purposefully highlight the details of the leg line, and the line of the waist will be more obvious as the top is tucked into the waistband, and the effect of straight pants covering the flesh and modifying the leg shape is more obvious if the pear-shaped body is more obvious~

In summer, by showing the line of your body, your overall temperament will look more charming.

Because the jeans themselves are also correspondingly blue, the best way to match with a blue shirt is to be as consistent as possible in terms of color, reduce the visual illusion caused by the color, light blue shirt with light denim is bright and fashionable in summer, and the embodiment of high-end temperament will not appear deliberate.

(2) Blue shirt + wide-leg pants

The combination of blue shirts and wide-leg pants is no longer limited to blue, and more color combinations make blue shirts look more fresh and clean. The effect presented when combined is also eye-catching.

Look1: Blue shirt + white wide-leg pants

When it comes to summer, you must have a blue and white color scheme, refreshing blue with white, minimalist ins!

A blue shirt with loose white wide-leg pants is either a fitting cut or a tucked waistband, all in order to avoid the embarrassing problem of creating a bloated feeling of light pieces by showing off the body as much as possible.

In the summer, you can also try white pants, which are different from long wide-leg pants, and the five-point mid-tube pants look more handsome and stylish. Just cover the length of the thick leg line, covering the flesh to show thinness. Summer casual handsome and neutral girls must try it!

Look2: Blue shirt + black wide-leg pants

The versatility of black wide-leg pants is simply king, and with it with a blue shirt, the handsomeness of the shirt can be perfectly reflected.

Black wide-leg pants are recommended to choose the length of the mopping floor, lengthen the leg ratio as much as possible, and add a canvas shoe with height, so that the heightening effect will not feel obtrusive.

Also on the outside of the shirt, you can match a knitted vest, the same blue but try different saturation blue, use it to enhance the presence of the upper body, reduce the visual stay for the loose lower body.

The design of the upper body is mainly matched, making the overall shape look more refined and elegant.

Look3: Blue shirt + gray wide-leg pants

If you don’t like the maturity and stability of black, you can try a more low-key luxury gray, gray looks more casual and delicate than black, used to match blue shirts, the color difference between the two colors is not too exaggerated by black, and it will be better controlled.

Be sure to have a blue shirt this spring and summer, it can make your outfit a lot more fashionable!

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