360 dashcam K680 review: Double 11 only costs 359 yuan, 3K resolution, excellent night vision effect

Today, in 2021, many drivers still have doubts: do you need to install a trip recorder in your car?

According to the Ministry of Public Security, the number of motor vehicles in the country reached 372 million in 2020, including 281 million cars. With the increasing number of motor vehicles, the road traffic situation is becoming more and more complex, with 248,000 traffic incidents in China in 2019, and motor vehicles accounted for 86.8% of the number of traffic accidents. In these traffic accidents, many car owners bear excess or unrelated responsibilities due to the lack of effective evidence, suffer dumb losses, and only realize the importance of dashcams afterwards.

There are many types of dashcams on the market today, and the effects are different. Many brands of dashcams have a decent video recording effect during the day, but they are a mess at night, with too much noise in low light, and overexposure under strong light causing the picture to be white and blurry.

Recently, 360, the largest network security company in China, launched a new driving recorder K680. 360 dashcam K680 not only has 3K ultra-clear picture quality and low-light level night vision function, but also integrates intelligent services such as electronic dogs and AR navigation, which perfectly solves the problem of unclear night recording and also provides convenience for driver friends. How does this dashcam perform? Let’s take a look at this review.

Unpacking: Small body and full of functions

The K680 dashcam still adopts an environmentally friendly paper packaging design, and the 360 recorder logo and product model are printed in the middle of the front of the box. The bottom of the box is printed with product parameter information and the supporting 360 driving assistant APP download QR code, through which the K680 can be bound and set.

After opening the outer packaging, there is also a delicate inner packaging inside, and the inner packaging of the 360 recorder K680 is divided into two layers. The upper layer is the main body of the K680 recorder, and the lower layer is USB cable, car power adapter, electrostatic film, lens cloth, manual, and power cord installation tools.

The 360 recorder K680 has a body length of 115.52mm, a width of 52.12mm, a thickness of 75.17mm including the bracket, and a weight of about 325g. The front of the fuselage is a titanium-gray composite shell, and the 360 logo is printed on the left side of the case. The camera area on the right adopts an embedded design, the camera part adopts a CD pattern design on the surface of the black shell, and the 3K FNO 1.5 FOV 150° on the surface also indicates that the maximum resolution of this camera is 2880*2160P, 5 million pixels F1.5 super large aperture, 150° wide angle parameter information.

The right side of the back of the K680 recorder is a 3.0-inch LED display, which can display the time, recorder working status and other information.

The top and bottom of the fuselage are reserved for heat dissipation holes, speakers and microphone radio holes, it is worth mentioning that the 360 recorder K680 supports intelligent voice control, through voice can command the recorder to take pictures, videos, capture photos and other operations, truly free hands, make driving safer.

3M VHB strong double-sided adhesive is reserved at the top of the recorder bracket, and the K680 recorder body is inherently lightweight, which can further ensure the reliability of fixation. In addition, the fixed bracket supports multi-angle rotation, allowing users to further optimize the shooting orientation of the camera according to their needs.

The recorder’s Micro USB power connector is located on the right side of the bracket and is concealed to facilitate cable connection and concealment, further enhancing aesthetics.

The button on the left side of the K680 recorder body is the only button of the K680, short press is to turn the screen on or off, long press is to turn the recorder on or off.

Installation: simple operation, beautiful and not eye-catching

The installation method of 360 recorder K680 is very simple, directly remove the bracket chassis, tear off the 3M double-sided tape, find a suitable position at the front windshield to paste the electrostatic film first, and then fix the chassis on the electrostatic film, and then align the bracket and the chassis position with the slide lock. Thanks to the K680’s compact and sophisticated body, it is hidden behind the rearview mirror without obstructing the view, and at the same time beautiful and not obstructive.

The K680 recorder provides two wiring methods, one is to use the 12V to 5V adapter access point smoke supplied with the package to get power, this method is simple to install, the dashcam will automatically start after the vehicle is powered on. Another wiring method requires a separate 360 dashcam step-down cable and connected to the vehicle’s fuse box 12V or 24V constant power interface. The principle of the step-down line is to integrate the transformer module of the power adapter into the cable, convert it into a 5V DC voltage and output it to the dashcam through the Micro USB interface. The use of buck line to connect the fuse box constant power can ensure that the vehicle will not power off after the vehicle is turned off, the default recorder will run in a low-power parking monitoring state, parking monitoring adopts a recording method of one frame per second, every 30 minutes of video duration can be compressed into a time-lapse video file within one minute, when the recorder senses that the vehicle is off and is collided, it will automatically convert to normal video mode, to achieve 24 hours of protection for the car.

In addition to displaying the time on the 3.0-inch LED screen on the back of the K680 recorder, the icons below can respectively display the recording status, low-voltage line mode vehicle battery capacity, recording sound, GPS positioning, collision sensing recording, parking monitoring, video compression and other functions. It should be noted that the 360 recorder K680 adopts the built-in 32G eMMc built-in storage, which replaces the storage scheme of the traditional driving recorder TF card. The built-in storage speed of eMMc is faster and more stable, which can effectively avoid video loss caused by abnormal TF card status, or video lag and frame drop caused by slow reading and writing speed of the memory card.

Experience: Clear shots and outstanding night results

After the mobile phone installs the 360 driving assistant APP, the K680 recorder can be bound to the APP through the WiFi of the recorder guided by the APP, and then we can set the recorder video quality, recording switch, intelligent interaction and other functions through the APP.

Because the 360 recorder K680 host does not have a streaming real-time preview screen, we can view the real-time live broadcast screen of the dashcam through the mobile app; After the collision sensing emergency recording of the recorder is turned on, when the vehicle vibrates abnormally, the instant video of the vibration is urgently stored, which can be found and viewed in the emergency video category in the App; The recording files in the Loop Video category are uninterrupted video recordings after recording is enabled. The intermittent video recorded through voice commands will be stored under the short video category, and the time-lapse video of 1 second and 1 frame after parking is turned off and the video of the collision after the vehicle is turned off are saved in the time-lapse video and parking monitoring directory, which can be found in the corresponding category directory according to our needs, which is very convenient.

The camera of the 360 dashcam K680 performs very well, thanks to the 3K resolution, the video and photos taken compared with the 1080P resolution product, in the clarity and image quality has a qualitative leap, 150 ° wide angle also makes the camera field of view wider, capture more details. At the same time, the adjustment of the lens is excellent, shuttling back and forth between backlight and normal light conditions during the day, and the camera of the K680 recorder can still react sensitively, without affecting the shooting effect.

The K680’s night vision is impressive, and we tested the effect in both night backlighting and night low light. In the backlit environment at night, the K680’s camera with BSI back-illuminated technology effectively avoids the absorption and refraction of the light source, and when the street lights, front taillights, and high beams of the opposite lane are turned on at the same time, the images recorded by the K680 do not produce overexposure problems, and can still clearly capture the license plate information of the car in front.

In dim low-light environments with dim street lights, thanks to the F1.5 aperture, the K680 recorder’s camera is able to capture more light sources while clearly recording vehicle information. Even if a traffic accident occurs at night, there is no need to worry about the problem that the dashcam is not clear.

Of course, the 360 recorder K680 is not only the function of ordinary driving recorder recording, it also has a built-in electronic dog, which stores more than 2 million electronic data and road information in time to broadcast, which can achieve fixed speed measurement and red light photo warning. Even some old cars without navigation or electronic dogs, after installing the K680, can get rid of the shackles of mobile phones, effectively reducing the probability of traffic violations. In addition, the K680 also supports ADAS advanced driving assistance, which determines the driving environment through the depth vision recognition function and makes dangerous driving reminders in advance to ensure driving safety.

Write at the end

The 360 dashcam K680 is compact and powerful, providing exceptional video recording in low-light environments at night. It is not so much a dashcam as a safety driving assistant. Built-in electronic dog, ADAS advanced driving assistance, collision sensing, parking monitoring, intelligent voice control and other functions also greatly enrich the functionality and playability of this product.

At present, the 1080P resolution dashcam on the market can no longer meet the demand, the price of 4K level dashcam is too high, most of the 2K level dashcam night vision effect is not satisfactory, K680 this 3K dashcam just happens to become the best option, the price of 359 yuan also makes its cost performance burst. Dear car owners in front of the screen, if you are preparing to buy a dashcam for your car, you may wish to consider this 360 recorder K680.

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