Here’s a list of wedding items

List of things you need to buy for marriage List of wedding preparation items

There are many things you need to buy to get married, and without a list, it’s easy to forget what’s important. Below I will sort it out for you:

First, the new house decoration supplies

1. New home decoration supplies (balloons, streamers, etc.)

2. Furniture

3. Home appliances

4. Bedding (four-piece set of beds, preferably in festive colors)

5. Curtains

6. Press bed dolls (decide whether to buy according to local customs)

2. Clothing part


1. Women’s wedding dress, veil gloves (local dress rental or online purchase)

2. Women’s dress

3. Women’s reunion dinner, return costume (according to local customs)

4. Women’s handbag (red is preferred)

5. Women’s wedding shoes (if possible, you can prepare two pairs, a pair of high heels, a pair of red embroidered shoes)

6. Women’s underwear (preferably chest patches)

7. Women’s stockings (optional)

8. Women’s accessories: headwear necklaces, etc. (provided by the makeup artist who followed the makeup on the day)


9. Men’s suit

10. Men’s dress

11. Men’s shirt

12. Men’s tie, bow tie belt

13. Men’s leather shoes (black and white)

14. Men’s socks (dark and light)

15. Cufflinks, scarves and other decorations

16. Glasses, contact lenses

3. Small things and wedding scene decoration part

1. Poster (available without linkage in consultation with the wedding company) or roll-ups

2. Guest list

3. Hi sugar bag

4. Welcome sign

5. Ring pillow, ring box

6. Handing over a glass of wine

7. Couple dolls

8. Champagne bottle sleeve

9. Fluorescent ice cubes, fluorescent liquid (manufacturing site effect)

10. Candles

11. Flower basket

12. Balloons

13. Lighters

14. Red Carpet/White Carpet (Wedding/Hotel)

15. Chair back yarn/decorative yarn

16. Hi stickers (traditional paper invitations for elders/leaders, electronic invitations for colleagues/friends/young relatives)

17. Dragon and phoenix candles (purchased according to local customs)

18. Check-in book

19. Sign in pens (bring a few more)

20. Seat Cards

21. Hi word

22. Matches

23. Red envelopes (large and small)

24. Return the gift (according to local customs)

25. Streamers

26. Toast tea cup (preferably one set for the man and one for the woman)

27. Items required for the game of blocking the door (what to buy with bridesmaids and others)

4. Food part

1. Hi sugar

2. Brown sugar

3. Peanuts

4. Gui Yuan

5. Lotus seeds

6. Other dried fruits

7. Baijiu

8. Red wine

9. Beer

10. Cigarettes

11. Drinks

12. Tea

5. Jewelry part

1. Diamond rings

2. Counter-vows

3. Bracelet (with cheongsam / dragon and phoenix gown)

4. Tokens (e.g. counter-tables)

6. Miscellaneous

1. Clothing for both parents

2. Give gifts to both parents

3. Bridesmaid dresses, gifts

4. Best man tie, gifts

7. Essential items for brides and bridesmaids on the wedding day

1. Snacks and water

2. Wedding flow chart

3. Small mirror, straw

4. Painkillers, band-aids, cotton balls, sanitary pads, handkerchiefs

5. Spare stockings

6. Hair styling spray

7. Lipstick, foundation, blotting paper, cotton pad, perfume

8. Mobile phone and spare battery

9. Red envelopes

10. Safety pins

11. Nail polish, nail file

12. Eye drops

13. Spare contact glasses and care items

14. Spare jewelry (earrings, necklaces, bracelets)

15. Hairpins

16. Mouthwash, breath freshener, hair removal supplies

17. Contact form for wedding planners

18. Sewing kit and scissors

8. Must-have items for the groom and best man of the day

1. Spare shirt, spare bow tie or tie, spare socks, shoe shine tool, spare laces

2. Medicated gauze, handkerchief, paper towel, razor and shaving liquid

3. Spare cufflinks and buttons, watches

4. Mobile phone and spare battery

9. Wedding banquet

2. Bring your own drinks

3. Cigarettes

4. Matches

5. Firecrackers, streamers

6. Petals

7. Sign in to the book

8. Sign-in pen

9. Wedding photos of the couple

10. For warming up

Wedding MV production

The above is the list of wedding supplies I have listed for you,

What you need to buy to get married

Now that you know something, the bride and groom can get ready early!

1. Hi sugar

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