Winter Lip Care Manual The dry goods you need are here

Winter Lip Care Manual The dry goods you need are here

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In winter, the increasingly dry weather makes the lips dry and dehydrated, and even cracked and peeled. With lip care, you can have delicate lips whenever you need them, helping you create the perfect lip makeup.

1. Carefully remove lip makeup

Lip makeup residue can easily lead to pigmentation, resulting in darkening, chapped lips and even allergies, so carefully removing lip makeup is an essential basic step in lip care. The skin of the lips is as fragile and delicate as the eyes, so be sure to choose a professional eye and lip makeup remover.

2. Use lip scrub regularly to remove dead skin

Regular exfoliation of the lips can effectively prevent pigmentation and darken lip color, and can also remove dead skin to promote the absorption of subsequent lip moisturizers. Moisten with a warm towel before exfoliating to soften the exfoliation, then apply the scrub to your lips and massage in gentle circular motions with your fingers. After the lips appear dead skin, do not use teeth or hands to tear off, if too much force will bleed, easy to cause wound infection, inflammation.

3. Use lip balm and lip essence at any time

If you feel that your mouth is dry, do not lick your lips, the rapid evaporation of saliva will only take away the moisture from the lips, making the lips more dry and wrinkled, but apply lip balm frequently. At the same time, lipstick with sunscreen function can also delay the aging of lip skin and melanin precipitation. Before going to bed, you can also apply a thick layer of lip essence or oily lipstick to give the lips a night treatment to repair dry lips.

4. Apply lip mask regularly

Lip mask is the best way to concentrate on delicate lips, and it is also a great first aid product, and applying a lip mask before makeup can perfect the lipstick effect. You can also apply a thick layer of petroleum jelly or honey, cover with plastic wrap, moisten it with a hot towel, and remove the plastic wrap after five minutes. This method can also allow you to have delicate and soft lips again.

5. Apply lip priming before applying lipstick

Lip priming not only makes lipsticks more bright and long-lasting, but also effectively lightens lip color, smoothes lip lines, creates a more attractive lip finish, and most importantly, isolates the lip skin from lipstick pigments and chemicals, minimizing the damage of lipstick to the lips.

Opera’s Colour Moisturizing Lipstick 18 colors RMB160/4g

Reason for recommendation:

The wax-like balm is infused with a variety of nourishing serums and food-ready colours to create a moisturized, plump and long-lasting lips.

Sisley French Sisley Lip Moisturizer RMB500/9g

Effectively combat dry, dehydrated and chapped lips. It has the effect of repairing, nourishing and moisturizing, soothes the feeling of dryness and discomfort, replenishes lipids and moisture, effectively moisturizes the lip skin, makes the lips bright and plump, prevents the dry skin of the lips, and moisturizes and soothes the lips for a long time after use, rich and tender.

Lancôme Pure Lip Balm #00 RMB270

Pro-Xylane™ Molecule is first applied to this exceptional lipstick to create plump lips while nourishing and repairing them. In addition, the product contains Lancôme’s original complex to effectively maintain the natural hydration of the lips.

EVE LOM Repair Lip Cream (Berry Red, Cherry Blossom Pink, Peach Tangerine) RMB210/7ml

A first aid for highly moisturizing, adding alluring luster to lips and chapped lips. Regular use of this lip repair product will supple lips all year long, protect against the sun’s UV rays and cold wind, and can be used after lipstick to retain moisture and add shine.

Fullis Sugar Moisturizing Lip Balm (Rose Pink) RMB200/4.3g

Rich in natural antioxidants, Rose Pink is a long-lasting moisturizing lip balm that delivers moisture and a soft texture to moisturize lips and improve fine lines and dryness, and SPF15 to protect lips from UV rays. Paraffin-free, the product is replaced by a more balanced beeswax that prevents moisture loss and allows lips to breathe freely without burden. The spiral matte metal exterior is accented with a soft brown color for an understated feel, and can be stored in a cosmetic bag and pocket anytime, anywhere.

Caudalie Grape Nourishing Lipstick RMB50/4g

A truly healthy lip care product that nourishes and repairs fragile lip skin, while also having strong antioxidant effects, preventing lip lines, intensely repairing, nourishing and revitalizing. Slightly subtle, fresh and seductive, vanilla scent.

Olofi Loli Pink Lip Mask 5g×2

Extract cherry extract, enhance skin translucence, moisturize lips, improve lip dryness, and make beautiful lip pink delicate, delicate and cute. The three-dimensional fiber material of hydrogel enhances the fit of the lip mask, concentrates on the introduction of essence, and the lip flap is moist and shiny, supple and charming.

L’Occitane Shea Tea Lip Balm (2018 Holiday Limited Edition) RMB90/12ml

Formulated with 5% Shea Butter blended with Green Tea and Honeysuckle Extract, the gel texture effectively nourishes, hydrates and moisturizes the lip skin, providing essential defensive and repairing benefits. The cute packaging in bright yellow makes people fall in love at first sight, arouses a pleasant mood, and takes you as if you have embarked on a fantasy journey in southern France.

Water Whispers Hydrating Nourishing Lip Balm RMB28/3g

Odorless, fragrance-free, color-free, naturally nourished lips moisturized and elastic! Newly infused with Vitamin C, nourishing Water to moisturize and Elasticity-boosting Ingredient (Glycerin) for a maximum boost and prevents dry lips.

Sulwhasoo Lip Balm RMB290/3g

Skin Soft Lip Balm is a Korean Essence Lip Balm: Long-lasting Moisturizing Essence Lip Balm; Enriched with almond oil to reduce the appearance of lip lines and plump lips; Pale pink brightens lip colour for a more even colour for subsequent lipstick applications. Ultra-high moisturizing for up to 6 hours. Available in two colours. Pink lips during the day and lip essence repair at night.

SU: M37° Flower Lipstick RMB200/6g

Carefully blended with the natural fermented essence of rose and peony, the power of plants is used to greatly enhance moisturizing power. Using unique cream dosage form technology, the cream instantly touches the lips, turning into a cream-like soft and delicate texture, giving the lips a moisture-locking coat, leaving the lips radiant while preventing moisture evaporation.

The Face Shop Lip Balm 03 Peach RMB89/4.3g

A tinted lip balm that combines lip gloss and lipstick to moisturize and create a good look. Infuses lips with moisture and forms a moisturizing barrier, softens keratin, lightens lip lines, and gives tender lips gentle care; The natural pastel seems to melt on the lips, giving the lips a natural look. 4 shades to meet different needs, high-end atmospheric appearance design highlights the fashion temperament, create moist and good color lip makeup anytime, anywhere!

BIODERMA French Bedma Fuyan Moisturizing Lip Cream RMB95/15ml

Avocado extract rebuilds and repairs chapped lips, and avocado extract moisturizes lips; No added fragrances and preservatives, suitable for everyone.

Grace Starlight Plump Lip Gloss, RMB210/3.8ml

PLUMPRAGEOUS, A LONG-LASTING MOISTURE, WATER-LIGHT LIP GLOSS WITH VISIBLE LIP PLUMPING. Using capsaicin to activate lip cells, Moroccan mint works with TEAOXITM Tea RevitalizingTM technology to leave lips feeling refreshed and long-lasting! Plump lips, moisturize and delicate, make lips dazzling and attractive! When the lips feel slightly hot, you can create sexy pouts!

Dream Makeup Lip Balm RMB80/3g

Effective nourishment, avocado moisturizing ingredients increase the moisturization of lipstick, and have good ability to lock water; Smooth and easy to wipe, effective moisturizing, smooth and easy to wipe when used; Watery and shiny, sweet orange oil keeps lips hydrated.

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Quality Skin Care Product Recommendations: OEM/ODM Shea Butter Exfoliating & Softening Body Scrub with Walnut Particle

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