Changan Ford’s product upgrade “high performance” brings a new experience

On April 8, at the 2017 Shanghai International Auto Show Ford brand new car preview event, Ford showed a variety of products. At the event, He Chaobing, Executive Vice President of Changan Ford Automobile Co., Ltd., told the online car market: “Consumers have high enthusiasm and expectations for the sports performance of vehicles, and strive to create a new consumer experience for customers and provide consumers with more choices. To this end, Changan Ford launched the new Yijie, Focus CTCC Limited Edition and Ruijie Sport Edition models, and upgraded some models for performance and sports elements.

Limited edition of the Focus 2017 CTCC

Consumers have high performance requirements for products, how to achieve it. He Chaobing said: “Our consumers have extremely high enthusiasm and expectations for the sporty performance of the vehicle, and our Focus has the synergy of innate pure racing cars. Focus has already represented Changan Ford in China’s touring car championship, winning an impressive record of 11 leagues and 9 championships. The car’s sporty van is also reflected in the red stitching in many places in the interior, including the exclusive red sports stitching of the “FOCUS” logo on the floor mats, and the limited edition of the Focus 2017 CTCC introduces two body colors, Candy Red and Classic Edition, with a black roof, cool and stylish. ”

Changan Ford launched the “e-commerce” strategy

How to make customers stay at home and buy products conveniently and quickly? He Chaobing said: “Nowadays, more and more consumers choose online shopping, in order to adapt to this trend, the red and black version of the model will be sold on the domestic mainstream e-commerce platforms “Tmall Mall” and “Car Mall”, which is also our efforts to create a new consumer experience for customers, so that they can feel both simple and relaxed shopping experience.” ”

The new Ford Tsubasa debuted its small SUV in the Asia-Pacific region

What kind of experience will the new wing beat bring to users? He Chaobing introduced: “Ford Yibo was launched four years ago and brought vitality to the small SUV market, this stylish urban SUV model that gives driving pleasure is not only full of adventurous spirit, but also equipped with very rich intelligent technology. We are very pleased to introduce this new generation of small SUV that was launched in Asia Pacific and loved by consumers, which is an SUV that brings endless possibilities for urban life, with a newly designed family-style front face and well-defined headlights, making the new Ford wing beat more personal and rugged. In a similar design, we create a more comfortable and humanized space for consumers.

The experience that wing beats bring to users

Regarding what kind of experience the new car brings to users, He Chaobing said: “Ford Yibo users hope to make life more convenient through technology, so we are equipped with a series of complete sets of equipment that exceed consumer expectations on the new Yibi, and you can easily write the destination you want to go to on the 8-inch large screen through SYNC 3.” We know that consumers continue to pay attention to the growth ability of the car, but also concerned about environmental protection, so the trunk pad of the new Ford Yibo adopts a honeycomb shape structure, weighing less than three kilograms, but it can carry more than 300 pounds of weight, of course, the consumers of the new Ford Wing Beat also hope that Ford SUVs can take them to free galloping, so we for the first time for this segment to create a multi-functional four-wheel drive model that can be suitable for a variety of occasions. ”

Ford Sharp EcoBoost 245 Sport

How will Ford meet the needs of drivers for sporty performance, He Chaobing said: “Among the top five SUV models we offer in China, there is also a heavyweight model that is loved by consumers in China and even around the world, that is, Ford Ruijie.” Consumers in this market segment pursue personalized needs and tastes. Tonight, two new members of the Ford Sharp family will be added to provide consumers with more choices, Ford Sharp is known for excellent performance, and the two models launched tonight are even more performant. Changan Ford launched the Ford Ruijie EcoBoost 245 two-wheel drive sports and EcoBoost 245 four-wheel drive sports models. While maintaining Ford Edge’s “all-round leading” position as a mid- to large-sized seven-seat SUV, the EcoBoost 245 sports model brings a more dynamic and attractive sports driving experience, which will satisfy the passion and sports-loving consumers’ desire for driving. Changan Ford always listens to the voice of consumers and provides a variety of models for consumers to choose from according to their diversified car ownership needs. (Online Car Market, Shanghai, April 9, 2017)

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