Parents need such a portable speaker: JBL SD-12 portable card speaker measurement

Many people who buy gifts for their parents have this problem:

Parents always say that there is no shortage of anything, plus they are usually not by their side, they don’t know what to buy, they are worried that they don’t use it if they buy it, and they are idle and wasteful.

At this time, as long as you live with them for a few days, you can find that they are not as rich as they say.

A colleague said that when he went home, he saw his father listening to the loud and harsh stereo, coupled with his old age and poor sleep, he woke up at 4-5 o’clock in the morning. When I wake up, I like to turn on the stereo to listen to the opera, over and over again, boring and harsh, listening to it is uncomfortable, the key is that he himself still feels that the sound is quite loud, very durable, and quickly went to buy a JBL brand speaker, multi-functional and ultra-portable. Specifically to suit his preferences, he downloaded hundreds of opera programs and inserted the card to listen to them as he pleased.

Another colleague said that when she was a child, her grandmother liked to listen to the radio to do housework, listening to some life programs, news, using more than ten years ago, grandpa bought a Sanyo large radio, like a shoe box as big, the sound is very low, plugged in the power is not portable, now can only receive 2 ~ 3 programs, but the signal is not bad, occasionally failure grandma will shoot a few times, looking at the mottled appearance, but also for grandma to go out to listen conveniently, she bought a JBL very practical portable multi-function card speaker on the Internet. It is small, but the signal is stable and the program is rich.

These are small details that the elders won’t say or ask you to do, but as long as we are willing to take the time and dedicate ourselves to buying practical gifts for our families.

Among many audio and video brands, JBL has always been a representative and authoritative brand, and it has a number of classic and best-selling portable speakers, such as: PULSE-360 degrees, FLIP music kaleidoscope, JBL GO, etc., all of which have good sales and reputation.

Today we want to evaluate this JBL SD-12 portable card small speaker, and test its sound quality and functional performance, let’s take a look at it together!

Simple appearance, small buttons, comfortable feeling

The appearance design of this portable audio is not very fashionable, very simple, and more in line with the practical needs of the elderly. The speaker smaller than the mobile phone, the size is only 118.5×78×34mm, the net weight is 176 grams, and the cabinet is relatively thin, such a small speaker is very easy to carry.

The front is made of environmentally friendly ABS plastic, which is very strong; The front of the box is designed with a metal fine-hole mesh cover, which has a good dustproof function, and also has a good anti-shock and scratch function.

Key area

The top of the fuselage is designed with small control buttons, which are S key (function switching), up/down song switching, play/pause, volume up/down and power switch buttons; The keys are made of rubber, which is comfortable to hold and responsive.

Go to the bottom of the cabinet and design multiple interfaces: from left to right, audio input, TF card socket, USB charging port and headphone output; The back of the cabinet is also designed with a silicone base, which stabilizes the body while eliminating resonance at loud volumes, making the sound quality fuller and purer.

The design of this portable speaker fully considers the needs of the elderly, and the compact body and function button design make the elderly more convenient and simple to operate; The metal mesh cover and rubber wrap have anti-drop and dirt-resistant characteristics, making it more secure for parents to use outdoors.

Support FM radio function Excellent battery life

It is worth mentioning that SD-12 also supports FM radio function, which can clearly receive most domestic FM radio stations, automatically search for local stations, and support the memory of up to 40 pre-stored radio station memories, while supporting digital station search mode, simple and convenient to use, the elderly prefer.

Memory breakpoint playback, song/radio sudden shutdown, power failure is not afraid, where to put it last time and listen next time, no need to listen repeatedly, no need to fast forward, listen super worry-free.

In terms of battery life, the speaker has a built-in lithium battery with a capacity of 500mAh, using USB power supply mode, it takes about 2 hours to fully charge, and in normal volume playback mode, the battery life can reach about 7 hours, which can be said to fully meet the user’s long-term outdoor listening needs.

Support 3.5mm interface and smart card playback

JBL SD-12 is designed with a 3.5mm audio input interface at the bottom of the cabinet, which can be connected to various mobile devices such as mobile phones and computers; A 3.5mm cable, input connection interface and headphone output interface are included, ensuring that you can make full use of JBL portable Bluetooth speakers to connect various mobile device experiences.

Audio and accessories (3.5mm audio cable and USB cable)

Connect with your phone to play music

3.5mm socket

TF playback mode

In addition to supporting the traditional wired connection, this speaker also supports the plug-in card function, the bottom of the fuselage is designed with a TF card jack, intelligent automatic playback of all MP3 and various FAT16/FAT32 format files of Micro SD (TF card); The advantage of this function is that you can get rid of the shackles of the connection, and listen more comfortably and conveniently; It is more convenient to take your favorite huge number of plays/songs out and listen.

The sound quality is full and clear, and the bass is slightly weak

Next, I tested the sound quality of the JBL SD-12, which uses a full-range unit with a diameter of 40mm and a rated output power of 2.5W; in the audition session, we first chose a pop song, which has recently become very popular on TikTok, from Huang Yida’s “That Girl Says to Me”, which is a pop song accompanied by ukulele, the accompaniment is beautiful and crisp, the vocals are fresh and gentle, catchy, testing the midrange and high frequencies of the speaker.

Huang Yida’s “The girl said to me”

During the audition, we found that the midrange performance of this speaker is excellent, the vocals are close, and the sound is natural and clean, and the listening feeling is very comfortable; In terms of high frequency, the ukulele’s voice is clear and transparent, and the interpretation of the treble part is relatively good, and we think that this speaker is still good for the overall performance of this song.

Next, we chose a very representative rock music: Nirvana’s classic song “Smells Like Teen Spirit”, which is arranged as an electric guitar, bass and drum kit, the electric guitar is heavily distorted, the bass of the bass is very elastic, and the sound quality of the drum kit is also very thick, testing the mid-low frequency performance of the sound.

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