Pose! It turned out that there is also a taboo on the car, don’t hang it.

Chinese people pay attention to the life of three winds, see the importance of Feng Shui. From ancient times, Feng Shui is a school, and said to the emperor chooses, the address of the large palace is constructed, even the fireshop opening, etc., etc., the feng shui is measured; and the column in the room, the bed The orientation, even the color of a few fish in the fish tank, etc. It is also necessary to follow the guidelines. Today, Tea brother and everyone talk about the wind and water bans on the car.

Don’t look like a beautiful photo


Male owners hang a beautiful photo in the car, not only affect driving attention, but also from feng shui perspectives should also be avoided.

2. Do not place an angular perfume bottle

The perfume bottle is generally glass, which can reflect the image of the person. It will form a plurality of faces, which is called the sharp and light in the wind, so don’t put it in the car.

3. Don’t place cartoon characters

From the perspective of feng shui, this kind of car is like a small person.

4. Don’t put the knife, sword, tiger, leopard and other murders and this very ferocious animal modeling


The sword symbolizes the murderous, tiger, and leopard. This kind of fierce animal is easy to cause psychological hints, which will promote the violent heart of the owner, which is not conducive to driving safety.


5. Don’t put the same as you like, or the same as the same parts

For example, the owner of the owner is a chicken, so don’t put the ornaments such as chicken in the car, and if you can best place an animal with yourself. Zodiac rats, horses, cow halps, tigers, tigers, bunny placed chickens, tigeons, tabboes, snake happeal pigs, barboes placed in rats, lamb embonnants cows, monkeys I avoid swinging, the chicken is placed in the rabbit, the dog is swedified, and the pig is swallowed.

6. Don’t place damaged car


In the driving process, the glass ornaments will be damaged. Once the damage is broken, the mascot is no longer auspicious, and it will be replaced in time, otherwise it will affect the car owners. At the same time, don’t discard those damaged jewelry, you have to use the red cloth to get it or buried in the soil.

7. Don’t play the direction of mascots


Some mascots will decide the effect, otherwise it is necessary to reverse. For example, a lucky cat should make the positive front of the lucky cat in front of the car, not to the driver, so that the lucky cat can put it in the wealth.

8. Don’t put ignorant cars

Some of the meaning, unliviline items will have a counter-action, which will affect people’s fortune and driving, so the mascot is placed as much as possible, and the quiet caucasi. For example: Ping An Buddha, transfer ball, etc., meaning auspicious, you can still worry.


Buy a car does not want to be fooled

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