The Genesys G90 interior is quite luxurious! What does NIO’s new car look like?

Official photo of the interior of the Genesys G90

Some time ago, I showed you the appearance of Genesys’ new large sedan G90, which is indeed a car that looks quite atmospheric. Today, Genesys released its interior official drawings and more.

Genesys’ interiors love to be clad in large areas of genuine leather to enhance visual luxury, an old-school but effective approach. The G90 naturally expresses this design to the fullest, with brown leather and bright silver operation panel, giving it the feeling of sitting in a high-end leather bag. The two-spoke steering wheel feels very classic, with a trendy large screen, and the whole atmosphere is not old-fashioned.

As a large luxury car, the comfort of the rear is naturally more important. The design of the independent seat reflects the sense of prestige, with 10 airbags on the seat backrest and two airbags on the cushion, supporting four modes of massage. It is also available in a long-wheelbase version, with a wheelbase 190mm longer than the standard version.

In addition, the armrest box has UV disinfection and is equipped with an 8-inch tablet inside to control lighting, seat massage, sun blinds, etc. It also has a fragrance function, providing three flavors.

Take a look at what the G90 looks like. Its front face has a family-style design, and the intermittent lamp beads of the headlight cluster look special. The shape of the side is relatively unique, and the folding corners of the C and D pillars are very luxurious cars. The taillights echo the front of the car with sharp cut corners. Personally, I think that this whole design is not like the traditional luxury car, but the aura is not inferior to the S-class, 7 series, and A8.

In terms of power, the G90 will be equipped with a 3.5T twin-turbocharged V6 engine with a maximum horsepower of 380Ps and a peak torque of 530Nm, mated to an 8AT gearbox, and an optional four-wheel drive system.

NIO released a teaser for a new model

Recently, NIO released a GIF of the dynamic effect of the taillights, similar to the welcome lights. According to the text, it may be unveiled at NIO Day 2021 on December 18, and it may be the all-new ET5.

As can be seen from this picture, this through-type taillight is relatively slender and adopts a design that is wide at both ends and narrow in the middle. In wide areas, the brightness is higher to enhance the sense of layering. According to current information, the ET5 is positioned lower than the ET7, is a mid-size sedan, or adopts a slip-back design. It is expected to be around 4.8-4.9m long and wheelbase around 2.8-2.9m, which is somewhat larger than the Tesla Model 3.

The Alfa Romeo Giulia/Stelvio racing version is available

Last night, Alfa Romeo released a new Giulia/Stelvio model, the 280HP Veloce Ti Racing Edition (hereinafter referred to as the Racing Version). They are based on their respective 280HP versions and come standard with carbon fibre propeller shaft and rear axle LSD.

The Giulia Racing Edition is priced at 466,800 yuan and is limited to 36 units, while the Stelvio Racing Edition is priced at 528,800 units and is limited to 41 units. In addition, there is also a special edition of Giulia Clover Zhou Guanyu, priced at 993,800 yuan, limited to 4 units.

Personally, I think this racing version is still worth buying. It doesn’t sell much more than the regular version, but has a sportier exterior, larger wheels, and a four-leaf clover-style interior. Take the Giulia racing version as an example, it is less than 30,000 more expensive than the 439,800 yuan 280HP luxury sports version, the configuration is the same, but the rim has been upgraded from 18 inches to 19 inches (the same styling as the four-leaf clover version), and the rear tire width has been upgraded from 225 to 255. This upgrade alone is worth 10,000 blocks and is not a problem.

More importantly, the racing version has a more sporty carbon fiber appearance kit, “Veloce Ti” exclusive nameplate, etc., which looks much better than the ordinary version, and there is no need to modify. The interior is carbon fiber with red and black contrast, and the Alcantara seats are more suitable for sports driving than the regular leather.

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