Zhao Yazhi is really admirable, wearing an orange coat and a ponytail, who dares to say that this is a 67-year-old grandmother

For the free women who dress freely, whether it is from “bold attempt” to “careful verification”, it seems that you can always show the light of your charm, especially for grandmothers, daring to break through the limitations is a very admirable thing!

As a model of grandmothers, Zhao Yazhi can be said to be well-deserved, now 67 years old, with extremely high clothing and good condition, resulting in her looking like a young girl, from clothing styles to color matching, are inseparable from the sense of age reduction, visually has conquered a large number of fashion women!

Zhao Yazhi’s detailed analysis of age reduction

The ponytail is used to interpret the refreshing atmosphere

For women of the older generation, wearing clothes seems to be still in the initial stage, dare not be too fashionable to reduce age, but why not walk in a dashing way after the years? Just like the goddess of anti-aging Zhao Yazhi, 67 years old still has a vigorous high ponytail,

It is a diagonal line below the jaw as the standard, to the root of the ear and then to the back of the head to tie up the middle ponytail, elegant and refreshing atmosphere, with a few broken hairs of oblique bangs also makes people look particularly eye-catching!

Choose leather fabrics to enhance your style

The older generation’s age reduction angle is actually very different from that of young people, they are more interested in the improvement of temperament, and they are more avoidant of lack of figure. So when choosing clothing fabrics, pay great attention to it,

It is necessary to be generous and decent without being too monotonous, to outline the advantages of the body to create a sense of curves, to avoid the appearance of a sense of cheapness,

Leather fabric is a very good choice, tough and stylish, falling generously!

The lace-up coat looks thin and domineering

In addition to the correct choice of hairstyle and clothing fabric, Zhao Yazhi’s most admirable point is her dedication to the coat, to know that the daily life highlighted by the coat is very powerful, inclusiveness is also very significant, as long as it is chosen according to its own advantages, it is difficult to step on the thunder,

The lace-up style anxile coat is very handsome, the upper body uses the trench coat style to create a neat and smart feeling, and the stand collar skirt is an excellent design to promote the strengths and avoid the weaknesses!

Vitality orange reduces age and vitality

In Zhao Yazhi, it is completely impossible to see that there is a 67-year-old, in fact, in addition to her maintenance of the face, there are also great reasons in the color of the clothing. Color can greatly enhance the complexion, it is important to choose a color scheme that sets off the fair and translucent skin,

Vibrant orange and glossy fabric instantly bloom femininity, not only looks rosy, but also brings full visual effects!

Zhao Yazhi’s favor for the sense of age reduction

Degree 1: Use eye-catching colors as accessories

Zhao Yazhi attaches great importance to the sense of age reduction, it can be said that each outfit is inseparable from the treatment of age-reducing details, especially in the use of color, practice makes perfect.

She uses eye-catching colors as accessories and uses them in essential places such as belts, bags, and hats

, and the main color will also choose atmospheric and high-grade colors, so as to directly enhance the temperament!

Degree 2: Use girl powder without fear of age changes

The overall color tone is a very deliberate choice, for grandma generations to choose pure pink is very bold, which not only pay attention to color matching skills but also with clothing items to interpret the effect of reducing age.

In terms of style, choose an irregular cut waist coat, with basic white as the base fresh and elegant!

Degree three: the counterattack of the checked coat

In fact, the sense of age reduction does not mean how girly the color is to choose, in fact, as long as it can enhance personal charm and show its own advantages, it is worth having. The fashion brought by the check element is very significant, and with the advantage that it will not go out of style, it can be easily handled by women of the grandmother’s generation.

The check can be said to be a well-deserved expert in reducing age, and at the same time, it can outline the body well and achieve the effect of thinning!

Zhao Yazhi’s age-reducing sense of dressing shares

LOOK1: Blue straight coat + white high boots

Straight coat has no requirements for the figure, can accommodate any body she has become a necessary choice for women at all stages, when choosing a straight coat to avoid old-fashioned colors and styles,

Enhance the texture with age-reducing haze blue, the double-breasted design and dropped shoulders create a stylish effect, and when paired with the versatile classic white tall boots, you will instantly become a trendist!

LOOK2: Mint green lace-up coat + white berets

Mint green is refreshing and comfortable, is the purification of the eyes, the washing of the soul, a mint green coat can perfectly show the image of feminine elegance, plus the lace-up design instantly creates a delicate figure, the lapel cut is noble,

Pay special attention to the choice of accessories, from color to style to match the overall style, white beret sweet lady is a must-have!

Fashion summary

1. The use of color to cater to age is the smartest choice, color can bring vibrant, vibrant, wonderful young girls visual sense, the right choice can amaze the four!

2. The coat style should be selected according to its own conditions, the waistline tie can not be less, the circumvention of the hips and legs is indispensable for straight legs, and each style can learn from each other’s strengths!

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Zhao Yazhi is really admirable, wearing an orange coat and a ponytail, who dares to say that this is a 67-year-old grandmother

Zhao Yazhi is really admirable, wearing an orange coat and a ponytail, who dares to say that this is a 67-year-old grandmother

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