The five fortune gemstones, are they true or false?

Everyone often hears “sayings” such as “topaz can attract wealth”, “pink crystal can attract peach blossoms”, “buying gemstones can increase in value” and so on, so… Everyone buys gemstones not only because they fall under the natural beauty of the gemstones, but also because they fancy their “connotation”~

After all, Sister Bao’s famous quote is:

“Jewelry is half a hobby, half an asset”

Of course, this asset also includes actual material assets and spiritual assets~

【Financial Luck】Wearing citrine will attract wealth?

The answer is Yes!

Citrine is commonly known as the stone of wealth, also known as the stone of merchants, it emits a mild yellow light, symbolizing wealth, it can stabilize career development, similar to the frequency of wealth, can bring financial luck. Citrine is a symbol of wisdom and joy, which can make us full of self-confidence, and can reduce fear and eliminate feelings of guilt, so it has a good calming and calming effect on people who are more neurotic.

How to attract money:

Since citrine is mainly wealthy, it is an indispensable weapon for stock families. If it is placed at home, the sphere is the best because of the strong ability to condense wealth; If you often walk around and go out, go to work and go shopping, wearing bead strings or faceted cuts are all good.

Other Fortune Stones:

Green ghost, amethyst, titanium crystal, obsidian, etc

【Ward off evil spirits】Peridot not only wards off evil spirits, but also invites good luck!

The color of peridot looks clear and beautiful, the color is pleasing to the eye, and it has a good intention of peace, happiness, serenity, etc. Many people know that peridot can ward off evil spirits, so do you know that it can also attract good luck? More and more people use peridot as brooches, rings, bracelets and other accessories, clear and bright materials, simple and elegant design, so that the wearer exudes unprecedented elegance and confidence.

How to ward off evil spirits:

The green color of peridot can soothe people’s visual system, which is good for concentrating attention and eliminating distractions, directly keeping people away from evil qi and avoiding dirty things; It can calm the tense nerves, eliminate the upset, eliminate evil thoughts and thoughts that are unfavorable to oneself, make the career prosperous, break the reaction of the bad aura to the human body, and thus attract good luck.

Other evil luck stones:

Tourmaline, agate, lapis lazuli, jadeite, etc

【Friendship】Topaz, wear it and have fun with your friends!

Topaz, commonly known as topaz, topaz, but not crystal or jade, is a silicate mineral. In order not to be confused with crystal and jade, now commerce generally directly calls topaz. Of course, topaz is not only yellow, it has the characteristics of colored gemstones, red, yellow, blue, pink, gray, white and transparent. Now the most popular are yellow and blue topaz. Topaz is also designated as the birthstone for November, symbolizing peace and friendship, and it is also a kind of friendship stone, carrying people’s good expectations for friendly coexistence.

Ways to summon friendship:

Topaz can regulate and balance the function of the human body’s lymph glands, improve the problems of the respiratory tract and trachea, enhance people’s expression ability and persuasiveness, and make you more smooth and popular in communicating with friends; In addition, topaz can also relieve the symptoms of insomnia, the specific method is to put topaz on the forehead before going to bed, and the next day you will feel much better when you get up. Good spirits, can speak well, are you afraid that you can’t play happily with your friends?

Other Friendship Stones:

Garnet, prehnite, rhodolite, blue amber, etc

【Peach Blossom Chapter】Not only pink crystal tricks peach blossoms, watermelon tourmaline can also be!

Everyone knows that pink crystal tricks peach blossoms, so do you know that watermelon tourmaline also tricks peach blossoms? Although tourmaline has always been regarded as a “repellent” gemstone by Chinese, there are many types of tourmaline, such as green tourmaline to stabilize emotions, yellow tourmaline to attract wealth, black tourmaline to enhance inspiration and so on. Watermelon tourmaline, a multi-colored tourmaline, has more of its multiple effects.

Trick peach blossom way:

Watermelon tourmaline has two colors, green on the periphery and red in the center, just like watermelon, its cute shape has attracted a lot of popularity for it. Many female buyers have reported that the ability of watermelon tourmaline to attract peach blossoms is not inferior to pink crystal, wearing it, I feel that my charm value has soared, peach blossoms are blooming, and I am in a good mood!

Other Peach Blossom Stone:

Pink crystal, moonstone, rhodolite, yellow diamond, etc

【Investment】Tanzanite, the investment prospects are great!

In recent years, more and more people have invested in the Caibao market, but there are many types of Caibao, and many investors are confused and invest at will, which naturally causes some losses. Now Sister Bao will introduce you to a more promising colored gemstone – tanzanite.

Reasons to invest:

Tanzanite is a rare colored gemstone that has gradually gained attention in recent years. Currently it is only produced at the foot of Kilimanjaro and is the only source in the world because it is very scarce; And it has a blue-purple hue that is different from other gemstones, which is very gorgeous; In terms of crystal volume, the weight is also larger and eye-catching than ordinary gemstones. As a result, it has gradually become a new favorite of fine jewelry collection, selling well in European and American markets, while in the Chinese colored gemstone market, tanzanite is just in the hot stage, the investment cost is still relatively low, and the rate of return is constantly doubling.

Other gemstones for investment:

Tourmaline, spinel, aquamarine, red sapphire, tsavorite, fire opal, etc.

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