How to wear leggings in winter? 3 kinds of matching minefields to avoid, so that they look good to wear

Hello, sisters, I am Marukami, and I share with you a little trick every day that can quickly become beautiful~

The weather is cold in winter, but it still can’t stop us from wearing skirts~ But in such cold weather, those who can wear skirts bare-legged are really warriors, and girls like us who are afraid of cold still wear leggings honestly~

Leggings are not only good for keeping warm, they also have a good slimming effect, which can make our legs look firmer and slimmer

, it is still very popular as an indispensable item in winter.

But when winter comes, looking around, many sisters are indeed a little spicy about the matching of leggings, and they don’t look at it~

Although how to dress and match is everyone’s freedom, but without the leggings to give full play to its maximum thinning effect, it is too wasteful~

Today, Maruki will talk to the sisters about the minefield of leggings and the correct way to wear them, so that you refuse to step on the thunder and are not spicy~

How to wear “hot eyes” in leggings

1. Dark leggings + light shoes

With dark leggings and little white shoes, I really can’t complain

。 I have seen many people on the street wearing this, short skirts + black leggings mature and thin, but what is your operation with a pair of small white shoes?

The two styles don’t match at all, and

There is no beauty at all

, directly splitting the visual extension of the legs in two,

Super short legs and thick legs.

This way of wearing looks slightly stronger than the one above, but I don’t recommend wearing it either. Although the color of these leggings is lighter than black, navy blue is still not a light color, and with a pair of light khaki ankle boots, it is still not good-looking.

One of the effects of leggings is to extend our leg line and achieve the effect of leg length. But like this,

The extension felt an abrupt stop at the ankle, and it was even more disastrous to wear the little thick legs.

2. Dark leggings + light skirt

After talking about shoes, let’s talk about skirts~

Dark leggings with light-colored shoes are a disaster, and in the same way, pairing them with a light-colored skirt is just as ugly.

The dreamy lace dress was supposed to be very romantic, but when it met the black leggings, it completely collapsed. Doesn’t it fit at all? Because of this

The color system of the two pieces is really too different, and there is no transition and buffer in the middle, which is really a bit abrupt.

And this kind of denim shorts, which should have appeared in the summer, should also be used with leggings? I really don’t understand the person who invented this way of wearing, what is this trying to say?

It does not show long legs, but also looks very dirty, and it is recommended that the sisters must not wear it like this

3. The exposed area of skin color leggings is too large

Skin-colored leggings like this, which are very hot in winter, are also called “bare-legged artifacts”. This legging can give a bare legged feeling.

Many sisters are about to say, didn’t you say that dark leggings should not be paired with a light skirt? Then I’ll wear a skin color. It can be, but you must also pay attention to how to wear it.

Wearing a large area of skin tone leggings like the picture above really affects the aesthetics, and it doesn’t look advanced at all. At first glance, it looks no different from a prosthesis, not to mention how ugly it is.

Please don’t wear fake meaty leggings like this?

As long as you wear it, no matter how expensive the skirt you match, it will look very cheap. And this looming fleshy feeling is also very fat, sisters with thick legs see please take a detour ~

How exactly should leggings be worn?

OK, above we complained about the 3 most spicy eye leggings wearing methods, let’s talk about it,

How to wear leggings to look good and thin

, let’s look down~

1. The same color of shoes and pants is the thinnest

Winter must be the world of black leggings. As we all know, black has the effect of visual contraction, so it is also very good at thinning. If you want to look unbloated in winter, black leggings must be the first choice.

I often say,

If you want to show off your legs, you must be the same color of your pants and shoes

。 In this way, our line of sight will have a sense of extension, so that there will be no fault, and naturally the purpose of showing leg length and leg thinness will be achieved~

Like light-colored leggings must be matched with light-colored shoes, if you really do not have shoes of the same color to match, you should also try to match

Choose pieces with little color contrast.

Like the white, beige, khaki boots that are more popular this winter, they are more versatile, sisters can try more~

2. Leggings and bottoms are the same color

Shoes and leggings should be the same color, in fact, this way of wearing also applies to bottoms and leggings.

Although color contrast in clothes has been very popular in recent years, for us ordinary people,

It is safer to wear the same color, otherwise it will give people a feeling of nondescript, which is really embarrassing.

In winter, you can’t just wear dark colors, but it’s also great to try light colors. In the past two years, the diversified wearing of clothes has become more and more obvious, so wearing beige in winter has also become a new fashion, the key is

This kind of combination is too gentle, and after wearing it, I immediately transformed into a Korean young lady~

If you want to try this style of sisters, you can buy some oatmeal-colored, caramel-colored leggings to match, very fairy~

3. Don’t show too much of the “bare-legged artifact”

“Bare-legged artifact” is not impossible to wear, to be honest, I also bought this kind of leggings, after all, some clothes still have to be worn bare-legged to look good.

But in order not to affect the beauty, I suggest that the sisters still let it

The less area exposed by the “bare-legged artifact”, the better, which will not only look more natural, but also not cheap.

Sisters who are afraid of cold through knee boots with bare legs can also choose to wear with a “bare-legged artifact”, only revealing a small section of socks on their thighs, which is still more appropriate.

This can not only meet the needs of showing legs, but also play a role in keeping warm, killing two birds with one stone, taking into account both demeanor and temperature.

Well, let’s talk about it today, the sisters must have learned the correct way to wear leggings.

If you are unlucky enough to get those “spicy eyes” wearing above, then don’t wear it like this in the future, it’s really not good-looking

I am a pill paper who can wear, follow me and learn more matching skills. When it comes to becoming beautiful, I’m serious!

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