Children’s drawing tutorial| light clay handicraft creative course “My “tall friend”

Course preparation

1. Course type

Ultra-light clay creative course for kids

2. Reference lesson hours

90 minutes

3. Tool materials

Gouache paint, cake pan, ultra-light clay

Course conception

“Born with a long neck and wearing a piebald dress. If you want to eat young leaves, you don’t have to work hard. “Children, do you know what this is? That’s right, this is the giraffe we are very familiar with. The giraffe is the tallest surviving land animal in the world, with two cute little horns, a long face, and long, shiny eyes with slender eyelashes. Its body is dressed like a sika deer in a beautiful piebald coat, and its four legs are slender and long, as if stepping on stilts. Giraffes are native to Africa, its Latin name means “leopard print camel”, they usually inhabit the savannah, shrubland and semi-desert areas of tropical and subtropical Africa, feeding on leaves and twigs, tall giraffes in the woods strolling and eating comfortably with elegant steps, what a beautiful landscape! Today, let’s create an interesting picture of a giraffe sticking its head out in the bushes, we will express the elegant and cute image and dynamics of the giraffe and the rich bushes through ultra-light clay handiwork, and exercise children’s control over ultra-light clay materials and their ability to express the picture. Let’s take a look at the reference tutorial!

Scenario description

There are white clouds floating in the blue sky, the weather is clear and the shrubs are lush on the steppe, the green leaves shine brightly in the sun, and the fragrance of young leaves wafts in the air. Look, who is that, it turns out that the giraffe looked for the fragrance and poked over, their long necks stretched, the tender green leaves were rolled into their mouths, and the closed mouths showed big teeth, it was really cute, let’s draw together!

Teaching is difficult

1. Understand the relevant knowledge of giraffes by observing the picture materials, and use ultra-light clay to reflect the appearance characteristics of giraffes.

Carefully observe the picture materials of giraffes and understand the relevant knowledge of giraffes, which can enrich children’s scientific knowledge and increase their horizons while stimulating children’s interest in painting. Please tell the children, what are the distinctive characteristics of giraffes? How do you make its pattern out of ultra-light clay? Combine the features you observe to show it in detail.

2. Use gouache paint and ultra-light clay to express the environment where the giraffe is located, and add rich elements and colors to the picture.

Our giraffes are accustomed to living in the savanna of Africa, mainly feeding on leaves, so children need to combine their understanding of the living habits of giraffes, exert rich imagination, and match our giraffes with suitable picture scenes, so that the picture is rich and interesting, and the color matching should be bright and bright.

Drawing tutorials

Prepare a white cake pan

Paint the bottom of the dish with gouache paint on a blue sky background

With dark light clay

Pinch out the size of a semicircle to make a distant hillside

Use green ultra-light clay to pinch out the nearby bushes

Rich variations can be reflected in different colors

Take out the light clay aid

Give our shrub leaves a rich vein line

Adjust picture detail and wholeness

Make the picture richer and more delicate

Pinch out giraffes and trees

And fix it in the appropriate position of the screen

You can also add flowers near and white clouds in the distance

Make the picture more colorful

By enriching the details of the conditional screen

Make the work more detailed and beautiful

After-class reviews

In today’s lesson, we used ultra-light clay materials to make a cute scene picture showing giraffes sticking out of their heads in the forest, through the understanding of the appearance characteristics and living habits of giraffes and the expression of giraffes and shrubs with ultra-light clay, broadened children’s knowledge and stimulated children’s awareness of loving nature, and cultivated children’s hands-on ability, picture organization and color matching ability.

In the painting, the children accurately grasped the details of the giraffe’s neck length, flower stripes, and two small horns, and each giraffe pinched by the children has its own characteristics, reflecting the children’s meticulous observation, the picture features are distinct, vivid and interesting; On the background of the picture, the children also boldly used their imagination, the background of the woods, shrubs are lush, the picture is colorful, the layers are clear, and it is childlike.

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