Spring beautiful bags are fully online, and fruit series bags are the leader

Recently, I have been bombarded with your bag asking for a bag, OK, OK, I know you want to buy a bag again. The big-name bags of the spring model have been fully launched, do you want to know what this year’s bags look like? It doesn’t matter if you don’t want to buy it, I have found an affordable alternative for you. It can’t be a drop in the bucket, but trust me to do my best! Force! Finish!

Compared to last year’s oversized bag, CELINE’s spring/summer Big Bag in ’18 is much smaller and can be handled by small people! Continuing the design of the leather belt, the all-inclusive leather is soft, light and large in capacity. Seeing the lively yellow color does it feel like your eyes light up, and your mood is lit up? Spring is bright, with yellow bags out on the street will definitely turn back!

The business witch is more suitable for the black Big Bag, and the “plastic sister flower” Yuan Quan and Ma Yili in the first half of their lives have carried the black series and are stable and handsome. The smart suit and bag are matched together, the most professional woman’s aura, and the simple and atmospheric black and white match will never go wrong. And the addition of clutches makes the whole look less serious and formal.

The dark brown bag is small and cute, the shape is generous, the textured brass snap fastening and it is also a perfect match, retro exquisite but sweet and cute, every girl should have such a bag, with a fresh girl’s dress, retro dress, will always be eye-catching.

Brown bags match clothes, brown is also divided into different color systems, from light brown to dark brown, there are suitable clothes for us to choose. This means that you can easily find brown pieces that suit your temperament and body type, you can choose an all-brown combination from head to toe, but a combination of brown clothes in different shades and fabrics.

The same bucket bag, the design of the ring bag is more interesting and lively. The concealed buckle design is also more convenient, it seems that the anti-theft is not good, but in fact, people have a layer of inner pocket protection! From the trend of bags this year, a simple and easy-to-pack bucket bag is the most perfect choice, and many brands have produced bucket bags this year, which are beautiful and solid, which is simply one of the first choices for bags.

Simple and elegant with a white dress, and metal accessories in the same tone as the metal parts of the bag complement each other. And you find that this bucket bag with a retro sense is completely incompatible with the daily shape of Bai Fumei of commuters! And the bucket bag looks gentle and round, in fact, the capacity is not small, and the things you usually bring to work can be installed!

Leather material fashion women’s bag, a large metal ring on the bag, not only a decoration, but also a strap for me to carry, is it very creative, such an elegant bag to carry, you are definitely a street hipster.

This bag seems to be designed for capable and fashionable strong women, neutral rivet elements have been more popular in the past two years, and the organ design of the bag body allows it to get rid of the dullness of ordinary briefcases. The small square bag with very individual characteristics is definitely beautiful no matter how you take it, and walking on the street is very absorbable to return to the rate.

This bag is very good with clothes, no matter what clothes and this bag can wear the feeling you want, you can carry the Korean version of the women’s bag on your shoulder, if you can also put your hands in your coat pocket in winter, wearing high heels, feel quite fanciful.

Fashionable and exquisite hand-held cross-body bag, using hand-held elements, as well as diagonal design, to meet your going out to install some small items, candy-colored color system, with a very fashionable feeling, casual matching is beautiful.

If you don’t want to carry a bag from the bad street, then Grandma Xiang’s box-shaped retro bag is definitely worth buying. This blue tweed bag interprets what “Chanel” delicacy is! It is more fashionable to wear a coat when you go out with a small bag, and a long coat with a small bag is particularly delicate and fashionable.

The “grandma-smelling” clothes can only be said to be appreciated and appreciated, but the box-shaped small bag in the model’s hand aroused my strong possessiveness, even if I can’t hold a lot of things, I can be responsible for looking beautiful like a flower. The chain bag hanging diagonally is particularly fashionable, and wearing a coat with a black bag looks particularly cute.

I used to think that MIU MIU’s pleated bag was ugly, but now the more I look at it, the more special it is, and it is not easy to hit the bag. 17. The various pleated bags on the show can be said to have won the hearts of many girls! Bags and clothes are combined in the same color and deep and light way, which can create a very elegant feeling.

Whether it is daily wear or attending various occasions, nothing is more eye-catching than a clutch, especially a pleated clutch, although it does not have a luxurious design, but it has a design concept that always maintains young vitality, it is a very practical clutch that can reduce your age, can meet all your requirements, can not fault anything, it is a pleated clutch.

I always thought that her PUZZLE series bags were not very good-looking, but this new bag with a face shaped like a door latch caught my attention, and the literary and niche feeling I believe will win a lot of hearts. The capacity is large enough, the appearance is high enough, one shoulder, diagonal span, hand hold, whatever you want! It’s the best saddle bag I’ve seen so far.

Many people buy saddle bags, what they really pursue is a spiritual enjoyment. The saddle-shaped body and lid have become a symbol of logo, and the most important thing is that the independent, tough, unruly temperament pursued by the saddle bag coincides with the pioneering and adventurous spirit that has always been advocated, which is the real reason why the saddle bag makes many people crazy.

LONGCHAMP is lightweight and wear-resistant, which should be a well-known feature. This year’s new pink backpack specially uses the openwork process to meet the fun of DIY girls. The carrying method of both shoulders and shoulders is very fashionable, and this kind of bag packaging is not easy to deform, which is most suitable for lazy girls to stuff out the door casually.

The leather backpack is the pet of many types of men and women, whether it is a major runway or a daily street shoot, you can always see it. Don’t be surprised by its charm, because leather bags are more textured, especially small and delicate backpacks. Maybe he can’t fit much into it, but it’s a good helper for concave shapes, and it’s a must-have for people.

These recommended bags are all darlings who have swept the fashion industry, because one is the standard of punk style, and the other is a sweet sweetheart. Punk style is not enough for motorcycles and leather clothes, because it is impossible for a little girl who likes punk style to buy a motorcycle, and you can interpret punk style with a delicate small bag, why not.

Spring beautiful bags are fully online, and fruit series bags are the leader

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