Song Zuer Airport Show is really not afraid of heat! Wear a long-sleeved leather shirt without panic?

Song Zuer played with the underwear missing and did not lose to Yang Mi, black leather + stripe design, long legs tempting

In this season, everyone seems to like lighter colors and not much dark colors. I always feel dark and dull. But in fact, black and white is a very classic element, and the classic never goes out of style. And how to wear classic elements to a different feeling is what everyone wants to know. But in fact, many elements can now make black and white wear a different feeling, you can consider starting from the shape, texture, pattern, design, such as oversize fit, polka dot pattern, linen, etc., to change the inherent impression and thinking of black and white. Break common sense, reasonable matching, you can find a better self.

Wear analysis

Song Zuer is a native of Tianjin and once served as a literary and artistic backbone in her class. Therefore, her aesthetic has been very outstanding since she was a child, and she also has her own unique views on dressing. She is dressed in a black and white classic combination, which is refreshing and eye-catching. She wears an oversized striped shirt on her top and matching black striped shorts. The feet are worn in a pair of black and white platform Mary Jane shoes, and the main body of the shoe is also leather. The shoes are Velcro style, easy to wear, with a pair of cream white cotton socks, the overall outfit gives people a cool and sweet feeling. The shoes and socks sheet look like a good look, but the clothes give a cool impression, so the two are mixed together to make people feel a sweet atmosphere.


There are thousands of patterns in the world, only stripes are the most favorite. Although this sentence is slightly exaggerated, it actually clarifies the popularity of stripes. Indeed, stripes can exist on many fashion items, especially suits, socks, scarves, and the classic models of various brands will be those fashion items dominated by stripes. Stripes have a great effect, which can add a sense of staggering to simple solid color clothing, and insert a large area of color into other colors, making it visually smaller. At the same time, stripes have also made many classic models, such as blue and white stripes, which were originally hospital hospitalization clothes, and later modified by some designers, becoming a good choice for creating a decadent style.

At the same time, there are many kinds of stripes, the most common are horizontal stripes and vertical stripes. Because the stripes themselves are visual guide lines, the horizontal stripes will widen the visual proportions, so fat girls should avoid horizontal stripes, and correspondingly, vertical stripes will be thinner. The stripes also have a contrast effect, you can choose a solid color base color, and then choose its contrasting color in the form of stripes, which not only solves the design of the clothing pattern, but also adds more elements.


Leather clothes seem to appear mostly in the other three seasons, and they are extremely rare in the summer. Indeed, leather is not breathable, does not absorb sweat, and at the same time the fabric is hard and easy to scratch. So almost no one will try leather clothing in summer. But leather also has unexpected roles in summer, like Song Zuer’s body, using an oversize fit to solve the problem that leather is not sweat-absorbing and breathable, and its shape and color give people a cool feeling. It has to be said that to create a cool temperament, leather is indispensable.

Now the leather has also been improved. Some leather still feels the same as ordinary leather, but it has some elasticity and is lighter. And artificial leather is cheaper than natural leather. Some summer dresses, clothes, in order to be sexy and cool, also began to try to choose leather as a fabric, like slip skirts, hip skirts, leather fabrics to make indeed different effects. So sisters can also start choosing leather clothing when shopping for clothes in the summer.

Mary Jane shoes

No girl can refuse a pair of Mary Jane shoes. Mary Jane shoes are the American collective name for lace-up shoes. Its classic image is a round toe, straps, and low heels. Born with sweet attributes, it feels very well-behaved. At the same time, it has evolved over the years and has been improved a lot. Traditional Mary Jane shoes feature metal buckles. But now, there are already magic stickers. It is convenient to put on and take off, so it is more touted and loved by everyone.

Mary Jane shoes have many style branches up to now. The one on Song Zuer’s feet is a typical example. Round toe, two-tone, velcro, flat bottom, mixed with a variety of elements, now many students like this style of Mary Jane shoes. But when it comes to college or women in their twenties, they prefer Mary Jane shoes with low heels or mid-heels, and the straps of the shoes have also become metal buckles, with retro elegance and luxury. In the stage of middle-aged women, they prefer Mary Jane shoes with thin heels, which look sexy and feminine.

Whether it’s Mary Jane shoes, black and white, or striped patterns, but it’s a very classic style. When the classics collide with the classics, what kind of sparks will be stimulated. Everyone is emphasizing that styles are changeable, but it is very difficult to unify the styles that are changeable. At this time, you should focus on the classic model to see if the classic model can give the answer you want.

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