Fitbit is about to release a new fitness bracelet with a multi-colored stainless steel shell

Source: cnBeta.COM

Due to Fitbit’s continued presence in the market and gadgets that match the available software at relatively reasonable prices, Fitbit became one of the largest manufacturers of fitness tracking wearables.

Now, it’s about to release the Fitbix Luxe, a wearable device capable of competing directly with traditional watches.

The biggest difference between earlier versions of the Fitbit wearable fitness tracker and the Fitbit Luxe is the shell. It is reported that this new Fitbit Luxe is not plastic, but metal, available in a set of stainless steel shell options, and a variety of colors.

According to WinFuture, the new wearable device uses an OLED display. The leaked images show three versions, one each in black, pink and white. The whiteband version appears to have a golden shell. The black appears to have a black casing that can be firearm black, while the pink band version looks like it is using a standard stainless steel casing. The devices are expected to be waterproof (for swimming tracking) and have a built-in heart rate monitor and motion tracking working together.

The Fitbit Luxe will almost certainly be the most expensive Fitbit device to date. We don’t yet know the exact price and release date of the Fitbit Luxe series. The device is likely to be unveiled at a Fitbit event in the coming weeks.

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