The most versatile “solid color scarf” for stealers!

A scarf should be a must-have item for every girl to go out on the street in winter! Although there are many styles, solid scarves are the most versatile! As a fashionable item with such a high photo rate, Xiaobian will share with you today how to match a solid color scarf, so that you can learn it as soon as you learn!


Winter clothing is mostly dark, but if you can visually blend it with a bright-toned scarf, it will make you look more vibrant!

Reddish dark colors are also fashionable!

Yellow series

The ginger scarf is the fairest one that shows off the complexion, both deep and lively.

Dark gray series

Whether it is a style with a tassel or a cutout design, it looks so advanced on a gray tone!

Light gray and white series

Classic Versatile Black

The five solid color scarves sorted out by the editor can be learned at a glance, if you also want to make your solid color scarf more chic, quickly mark up and act!

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