How to create a simple and fashionable sense, spring and summer jeans wearing, Yang Ying will give you a demonstration


is a very common fabric of clothes in our lives,

Denim fabric

It can be wide and stylish, or it can be soft and comfortable. The color can be dark or light. Deep to black, light to white. Every color goes well together.

The obvious texture makes denim pieces feel casual that distinguishes them from various other fabrics. The wide variety of colors also makes denim one of the indispensable fabrics in the fashion industry.

So, in denim fabrics, what is the most widely used and generally liked by the consumer public, the answer is not surprising, that is


。 A wide variety of styles,


Jeans. Adding more color to our lives. More possibilities for every fashion item.

Next, let’s talk about this classic item,

。 How to create a simple and fashionable sense, spring and summer jeans to wear, Yang Ying will give you a demonstration, Angelababy body is too good, simple jeans, show off the body shape of a hot mother.

Classification of jeans

There are so many types of jeans, how to distinguish and choose, the following is a brief introduction for you.

Our usual

It can be simply divided into denim trousers, cropped jeans, denim shorts, and denim suspenders.

Denim trousers

Jeans of this length are the most common and the most utilized. Simple and generous denim trousers in spring/summer

Wear it with a T-shirt, shirt, sweatshirt

They all look good when they are dressed.

In recent years, in order to inject different vitality into monotonous jeans, highlight the designer’s sense of design. There are many denim trousers with different styles. For example, extra-long denim trousers can visually lengthen the legs and better proportions of the figure.

In addition to length, denim trousers are also the most varied in pants

Skinny jeans

Straight-leg jeans

Wide-leg jeans and flared pants.

Skinny jeans have obvious slimming effect and have a certain plastic effect, but if there are many leg problems, it is not recommended to choose, and all leg problems will be exposed without modification.

Straight-leg jeans can be right

Lines of the legs

Retouch. Make your legs straighter. There is also a type of extra-long straight-leg jeans


Lazy feeling.

Wide-leg jeans:

The long style is wide-leg jeans that are comfortable and generous to wear, while the denim fabric has a certain plastic effect, the loose wide-leg pants also make the wearer feel more comfortable.

Flared pants:

Flared pants are actually a deformation based on wide-leg pants, so that the pants are dispersed outward from the position near the calf to create a flared shape, this denim flared pants is a kind

Vintage trend

。 It also has a certain modifying effect on the leg shape.

Denim cropped pants

Cropped length jeans are taller and will be slim


Exposure also has a slimming effect. Light-colored cropped jeans are casual. Dark cropped jeans are calm and understated. It’s not easy to make mistakes

Denim shorts

We basically wear shorts in the summer, denim shorts are more than casual shorts of other materials

Quite wide and stylish

。 Some of the styles are also slim and some are loose. Slim denim shorts are sexy, hot and can show off the wearer’s good figure. Loose denim shorts to wear

Casual and comfortable.

Denim suspenders

Bib pants have always been giving

Age reduction

feeling. Therefore, the choice of suspenders must first be based on your age temperament, otherwise it will be contrary to wearing them.

Denim fabric


It adheres to the age-reducing feeling of jeans and the casual feel of denim fabric. Wearing it casually is very age-reducing and simple and generous.

Introduced the types of jeans, share with you the wear of jeans in spring and summer, let’s take a look at how jeans should be worn in spring and summer.

Introduction to outfits

Cropped straight jeans + white slim short top

The cropped length is just enough to expose the ankles, and choosing a high-waisted style also makes the legs look longer, and the upper body is paired with a white tight-fitting long-sleeved shirt.

White and light blue colors are commensurate and very

Summer feeling.

A slim fit can show off the figure well. Also compliant

Tight up and loose bottom

‘s collocation principle. Waist bare design, look

Sense of style


The shoes are paired with a pair of black casual slippers, which contrast with the overall color of the body, which is full of coolness.

Straight denim trousers + white sweatshirt

Loose and slender straight-leg jeans are more flattering to the leg shape, light blue and white matching

Refreshing and clean

。 The slightly retracted cuffs give it a more casual feel.

The shoes and bags are matched with girly pink, and the whole outfit is girly, but not immature. Go shopping in such a outfit, and the return rate is super high.

Black slim T-shirt + skinny jeans



While it has a mysterious taste, it also has a cool feeling. Pair it with a pair of skinny jeans, choose a pair of knight boots or Martin boots on your feet,

Tall and handsome

Skinny jeans wrap the legs tightly, giving a feeling of tightness at all times and looking even more neat. It doesn’t seem too relaxed. Upper and lower black combination, existing


And mutually


You can choose a small bag in black or bright colors


, fashionable and good-looking.

Well, today’s jeans are so much introduced to you, I hope to bring different ideas to the wearing of spring and summer jeans, and wish everyone more and more beautiful and fashionable.




Skinny jeans

Straight-leg jeans

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