Using a soft package wall as a background wall is not only comfortable but also beautiful, throwing the big white wall out of several streets

If the wall is decorated, the appearance of the home is higher, and now more and more people will do the wall when decorating the home, which seems that the grade of the home is higher. Now many people like to use soft wrapped walls, which can not only be used in the living room, but also very good in the bedroom, and will appear more comfortable.

If you want to make your home look more luxurious, the upholstered wall is definitely indispensable, not only fashionable and beautiful, the key is also environmentally friendly, so many owners will choose to use the upholstered wall for decoration.

What material is the upholstered wall made of?

The soft package is composed of the bottom plate, filler and decorative surface layer, and the tree species, specifications, grades, moisture content and anti-corrosion treatment of wood such as the wooden frame, keel, bottom plate and panel of the soft package wall meet the regulations; Base layers, finishes and other filling materials must meet the design requirements.

What are the features of a backdrop wall with a soft pack?

1. Improve the grade of home space

Because the soft bag uses a special process, it is relatively soft and comfortable, and it also has luxury, and it is more high-grade when used at home, and its depth and three-dimensional sense are very good.

2. It has sound absorption function

It has good sound insulation, anti-collision, flame retardant effect, and has a partition effect on noise, which is not available in wallpaper and latex paint.

3. Improve safety

If there are children at home, then this soft package wall is very necessary, in case the child hits the hard wall, the painful picture is not thought, and the soft bag can play a good shock cushioning function.

With it, even the bedside backrest you can give up, soft leaning is very comfortable, especially in winter; If you can’t sleep at night, your head will be more comfortable.

Of course, the upholstery wall also has disadvantages, that is, it is not easy to clean, so you must choose a soft packaging material with good dirt resistance and dustproof; Soft packaging must be selected that can be fireproof, and those that cannot be fireproof are resolutely not used.

PS: The choice of color of upholstery materials is unified with the home style, and the color is not selected, but it will reduce the grade of the home!

The price of soft bags is also relatively expensive, there are hundreds or thousands, depending on the material.

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