The beautiful Internet celebrity stage was accused of eyeballs, wearing cool dew leggings, and the camera shot the skirt back too obscenely

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On July 14, some netizens submitted articles, angrily pointing out that a hot dance program at the B station party made people very speechless, and the picture was very vicious.

This dance show on the cusp of the storm is called “Rouge”, led by the well-known Internet celebrity “Biting Cat” with 3.6 million followers, she looks pure and sweet, dances with full spirit, and her influence in the B-station dance area cannot be underestimated.

This time on stage, the expectations of fans for her are also very high.

Judging from the picture, in order to match the dynamic dance music, “Biting Cat” wears a red high-slit cheongsam short skirt, which not only modifies the curvaceous body curves, but also reveals slender limbs.

The dance partners behind him are wearing white cheongsam skirts, which are also sexy and sultry, which is very suitable for the style of the song.

Such a cool outfit is beautiful, but if you don’t pay attention, you risk running the light.

When dancing, the “biting cat” and the accompanying dancers behind them keep twisting their postures with the rhythm, and from time to time they make some difficult movements such as raising their hands, kicking their legs, twisting their hips, squats, etc., and the consequence of such a large movement is that the skirt keeps moving up, short to the base of the thighs, exposing the leggings worn inside to the camera.

There is more than one such walking scene, almost throughout the entire stage process, and the scene is very embarrassing.

If it is just a simple walk, it can also be explained by the clothes not fit, and the program group’s mirror movement was complained by netizens that it was even more obscene. During the filming of the entire stage, the staff would always suddenly switch to the angle of the backshot, straight to the bottom of the girls’ skirts, and even when the “biting cat” circled, the camera came closer.

This kind of shooting angle presents some pictures that are not suitable for children, not only the dancers are very embarrassed, but even the audience in front of the screen is at a loss.

Netizens also complained that it was disgusting, and some people angrily said: “The program group’s backshot angle is very disrespectful to female dancers, and it is proper to play the sidelines, create topic heat through such sexy pictures, gain eyeballs, and earn clicks.” ”

In fact, this is not the first time that such a “brush with the edge” incident has occurred in China, and the following picture appeared at a party on the Mango Channel.

Similar incidents have occurred on the popular variety show “Star Detective”.

Admittedly, in order to present the stage effect, you may need a little beautiful costume and colorful camera movement to add to the stage, but this is not an excuse to deliberately shoot the coolly dressed dancers. Whether it’s revealing leggings or a back-up pat on the bottom of the skirt, it can be avoided.

On the stage in the future, I hope everyone can return to the show itself and focus more on improving professional skills, rather than these crooked ways.

While appreciating beauty, you can give more respect to female stars.

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