What is the magnetic lock? Magnetic lock working principle and use method on site explanation

Magnetic locks are also one of the locks. However, many owners believe that there is no understanding of it, today’s repair network will tell you more about magnetic locks, understand

Magnetic lock working principle

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What is a magnetic lock?

Magnetic locks are also called electromagnetic locks. It is the same as electromagnets. It is the principle of generating magnetic, when current is passed through the silicon steel sheet of magnetic lock, the electromagnetic lock will produce powerful suction, tightly suck the adsorption iron to reach the lock. The effect of the door.

Magnetic locks do not have a very complex mechanical structure, play a lot of role in the application of escape door or fire control, and a must-prevent electronic product in the fire passage. The surface has some black rubber, protects the lock body with a perfusion epoxy gum, and the lock body is more secure and reliable by these protective measures. This reliability also manifests the suction of the magnetic lock.

Due to the characteristics of the magnetic locks, it is often applied to the installation of escape, and it is also a must-have lock in the consumption channel. It only needs a very low current, it can be run, which can save electricity and help green energy conservation.

Magnetic locks for public safety prevention are widely used in important buildings, become an important part of the management of high-tech access control systems, which can not only be reliably run, but also achieve the characteristics of anti-theft, providing important security for security.

Magnetic lock principle

Small magnetic lock can produce great power, and firmly lock the door, which is completely due to the special magnetic lock principle.

Magnetic locks, from these three words, it can be seen that its work is summarized, and there is only three words, that is, “electrophysiomagnetic”.

The initial design concept of the magnetic lock comes from the electromagnet, two magnets will be attracted to each other under certain conditions, in fact, the principle of the magnet isotropic phase suction, the heterogeneity, and the magnetic lock is also the application of the invention.

The magnetic lock itself can connect to the current. When the current passes through the silicon steel sheet (one internal part of the magnetic lock), the lock will produce a strong adsorption force, thereby adsorbing the iron plate. This is the process of complete lock.

After the locked, if you want to open it, it is necessary to be identified by the access control system (generally mounting the magnetic lock.) After identifying the method of identifying its design, it can be entered. If you want to enter, the magnetic lock will have an automatic alarm system.


Magnetic lock method

1, the operation of the knife lock lock.

The power is turned on, the unlock indicator is on, indicating that the unlock is allowed. At this time, the red power button (the hand button is not more than one minute) the coil is blended, pull out the lock plug, the rotational position card is on the top rod, and the mechanism pulls the operation, and the operation is turned after operation. The locking plug will automatically return to the locked position to implement the automatic reset function.

2, the operation of the cabinet door lock


The power is turned on, the indicator is on, indicating that the unlock is allowed. At this time, the red button is at this time, and the coil is insembled, turn the handle (or push button) in the open lock direction (the left clockwise direction, the right open counterclockwise direction), the latch is pulled. When the handle (or tail) rotation, the resistance suddenly increases, indicating that the “unlock” position is reached, and the door can be opened at this time; if the hand is released, the lock gun will be automatically reset and returned to the locked position. If you continue to rotate force, the locking plug will stop in the unlock position to delay reset. When the lock is blocked, the handle (or pillage) is dialed in the lock direction, and the locking plug can automatically reply to the locked position.

The above is about the knowledge of the magnetic lock, hoping to help you.

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