Disaster prevention and safety services are constantly filed

Hubei Daily, August 9 (Reporter Chen Hui, Lan Binxin) From August 2 to 3, the main leaders of the Hubei provincial government led some provincial units and financial departments to Wufeng County to investigate post-disaster reconstruction and “616” counterpart support work, and the president of the Hubei Provincial Branch of the Postal Savings Bank accompanied the investigation.

At the Wufeng County post-disaster reconstruction and counterpart support on-site office meeting, Li Hongshi said that PSBC will firmly establish a sense of mission and responsibility of “mission on shoulders, responsibility like a mountain”, bravely undertake the mission, dare to undertake the mission, be able to undertake the mission, and do a good job in the post-disaster reconstruction of Wufeng and the “616” counterpart construction. First, fully support the relocation of the Wufeng County Branch of the Postal Savings Bank; The second is to fully support infrastructure construction and poverty alleviation projects in Wufeng County; The third is to fully support the post-disaster reconstruction of loan customers, extend the period according to the post-disaster recovery situation for customers who have difficulty in repayment, and suspend interest for loan customers who are particularly severely affected by the disaster.

The more difficult it is, the more it can test a bank’s financial service protection level. In early June, the Hubei Branch of the Postal Savings Bank proposed that “the rainstorm is relentless, and the postal savings have love; Inclusive finance, rain or shine” work requirements, wholeheartedly, all-out and comprehensively strengthen flood relief financial services.

Proactive commitment Financial services are constantly on file

The original 24 fish ponds, after being hit by heavy rain, are now connected, and there are not many live fish worth more than 5 million yuan left in the ponds, and Yu Bin, the owner of the fish pond in Shenglihu Village, Xinchong Street, Xinzhou District, Wuhan, is helpless. When Chen Xiaohua, president of the Xinzhou District Branch of Postal Savings Bank, visited the affected customers, he saw this scene and promised Yu Bin: “Postal Savings Bank will help the affected merchants tide over the difficulties and resume production.” ”

Where does such a firm commitment come from? Postal Savings Bank Hubei Branch launched three major measures to implement the “three excellent, three not two reduction” flood relief financial service work requirements, and give priority to acceptance, approval and lending of disaster relief and resumption loans; For loan enterprises with financial difficulties due to disasters, they should continue to lend, do not draw loans, and do not hesitate to lend, and give preferential policies such as interest rate and fee reductions.

Action 1: Special quota to support reconstruction. Allocate a special credit line of 1 billion yuan to actively participate in government-led post-disaster reconstruction infrastructure projects, increase credit support for small and medium-sized enterprises in disaster-stricken areas, “three rural areas” and unemployed people due to disasters, and increase support for small and medium-sized enterprises with strong employment, promising products and trustworthy in disaster-stricken areas, so as to meet the needs of the disaster-stricken people for post-disaster reconstruction funds as soon as possible.

Action 2: Innovate products to benefit farmers and support farmers. In view of the characteristics of disaster-stricken new agricultural business entities and farmers with few assets available for collateral, tight time and high frequency of capital demand, under the premise of controllable risks, make full use of credit products with flexible and mature operation such as “start-up guarantee loan”, “poverty alleviation loan”, “agricultural assistance loan” and “livestock loan” to increase credit support for eligible disaster-stricken enterprises and farmers. With the support of some local governments, we will handle and issue small loans to support agricultural disaster relief, give priority to meeting the capital needs of agricultural replanting, replanting, rushing for seeds, and breeding after the disaster, and support farmers to seize the agricultural time, do a good job in production and self-help, and promote agricultural production and income.

Action 3: Simplify the process and assist self-help. For disaster-stricken customers, PSBC has opened a green channel for credit approval for flood relief and disaster recovery production, simplified the loan approval and issuance procedures, and improved the timeliness of loan issuance for flood relief and disaster recovery production. For farmers and enterprises that have difficulties in the capital chain due to disasters, we should continue to lend, do not draw loans, and do not pressure loans, give priority arrangements for credit grants, increase credit quota guarantees, and help tide over difficulties.

Uniting as a city to help local communities protect their homes

Since June, continuous heavy rainfall, heavy rainfall hit many places in Enshi Prefecture, Kemuhua comprehensive breeding professional cooperative is located in a breeding base, located at an altitude of 1,800 meters in Banqiao Town, Enshi City, Dashanding Tichang Village Factory Group, the breeding base enclosure was hit by a night storm and collapsed, more than 40 goats and 14 breeding pigs in the pen were smashed to death, resulting in a direct economic loss of 150,000 yuan.

Gui Fangyuan, 55 years old this year, has been engaged in professional breeding for 23 years, and currently has more than 500 unslaughtered pigs and more than 100 goats in the main breeding base. “Years of management experience made me more convinced that I should have my own farm, so in 2014 I quit my job and started my own business.” Gui Fangyuan told the author. At the end of August 2015, the Enshi Prefecture branch of the Postal Savings Bank learned about Gui Fangyuan’s situation and decided to issue him an unsecured agricultural loan of 350,000 yuan to expand the scale of farming. However, unexpectedly, the continuous heavy rains in July this year “ransacked” his fledgling pig and sheep pen.

“I haven’t had a good night’s sleep for a week, the enclosure collapsed, the mountain roads were destroyed, and when I was anxious, I received a condolence call from the Enshi Prefecture Branch of the Postal Savings Bank asking about my damage to the disaster, and their encouragement made my heart more than half settled.” On the road washed down by the torrential rain, Gui Fangyuan led the way to introduce the disaster situation while expressing his gratitude in simple and simple words.

Flood control and disaster relief is not only a test of the comprehensive ability of local governments to deal with extraordinarily serious disasters, but also a test of the actual results of the vast number of Party members and cadres in practicing “two studies and one doing”. In order to implement the “two learnings and one doing”, PSBC has taken the initiative to assume social responsibilities and actively participate in the flood relief work carried out by local governments. From the provincial branches to the branches located in the flood districts, flood prevention and disaster control shock teams with Communist Party members and Communist Youth League members as the backbone have been set up to be responsible for the Bank’s disaster relief and support for local flood prevention work.

During the flood, the Hubei Branch of the Postal Savings Bank set up a 20-member commando team, which was on duty 24 hours a day, each with its own responsibility. Shi Yigang, president of the Zhizhou Branch in Yangxin County, Huangshi City, led the branch staff to participate in the flood control of the local military reclamation farm; Le Yi, Vice President of Ezhou Branch, led 12 members of the branch’s flood prevention and rescue commando team to participate in the flood prevention and rescue of Wutong Lake, the hardest-hit area; The branch of Shechun County set up 4 flood control teams and brought disaster relief materials, and 16 people were stationed in Baifengtou Village in shifts to carry out flood control work; He Wenjuan, head of the Dandian Town branch in Tuanfeng County, salesman Feng Xu, and other lesbians did not allow their eyebrows, filled sandbags, sweated like rain, and always struggled on the front line until the emergency repair of the embankment was successfully closed.

The wind and rain are raging and merciless, and the postal reserve is in love. While personally going to the front line to join the flood fighting army, each branch also spontaneously organized donations and condolences, offering a tribute and warmth.

The Macheng County Branch of Postal Savings Bank of Huanggang City went to the emergency point and sent mineral water, towels, medicines and other materials to provide necessary living support for the emergency repair team. The majority of party members and cadres of the bank also raised donations to help the disaster-stricken people tide over the difficulties and build their homes.

On July 19, when the Qingshanpo Reservoir in Jingshan County was flooded, the staff dormitory of the Qujialing branch on the lower ground was instantly flooded, and Zhang Huafeng, the head of the branch, quickly led the employees to carry out self-help. At 8 p.m. that night, due to the flooding of the orphanage, many lonely elderly people came to the door of the branch to avoid the flood, Zhang Huafeng immediately led the staff to help avoid the danger, sent pure water and bread to the elderly, until he contacted the government disaster prevention office to arrange a vehicle to safely transfer the elderly to the resettlement site.

On July 20, after receiving the order of the local government’s flood control headquarters, 10 employees of the Honghu City Branch of the Postal Savings Bank rushed to the scene as soon as possible to support the emergency resettlement of villagers in Hansha Fishery, and went door-to-door to safely transfer 20 villagers to the resettlement site.

In the face of the disaster caused by continuous heavy rain, the Jianli County Branch of the Postal Savings Bank and the Red Cross Society of the county jointly launched the public welfare activity “Open a Postal Savings Credit Card, Dedicate a Love”, and for each credit card applied for by customers, the Postal Savings Bank donated 50 yuan to flood prevention and disaster relief and poverty alleviation. As soon as the charity was launched, nearly 1,000 people from 32 units participated in public welfare actions and actively supported the flood prevention and flood control work in the county.

Resist disasters and help yourself to ensure safety

During the disaster period, Li Hongshi, president of the Hubei Branch of the Postal Savings Bank, put forward the requirements of “ensuring the opening of doors, ensuring services, and ensuring safety”, arranged flood prevention and disaster prevention and production work at the first time, and required all city and prefecture branches to strengthen the leadership of various emergency management organizations, activate the prevention and early warning mechanism, do a good job in plan drills, minimize losses, and ensure services, especially emphasizing the need to ensure personal safety, capital security, and institutional security.

If you are ready, you will be prepared. Whether flood relief measures are effective or not depends on the success of the fact.

Postal Savings Bank Hubei Branch actively implements the principle of “rather than take precautions against the sky; It is better to prevent the big from coming from the small, and not to neglect and not be prepared”, requiring institutions at all levels under its jurisdiction to set up leading groups, activate emergency response plans, and the responsible persons of branches at all levels go deep into the front line and command ahead.

PSBC’s emergency plan for disaster prevention and preparedness is comprehensive and detailed: if there is water in the affected outlet, first turn off the power to prevent electric shock accidents, and at the same time quickly organize personnel to complete drainage and sewage work, and take protective measures such as packaging and transferring all kinds of paper receipts, safes, power and electrical equipment and other business items that are vulnerable to flood disasters as appropriate; If the outlet does not meet the conditions for business temporarily, a notice will be posted to inform the public of the nearest branch and traffic route.

In response to power outages, network interruptions and mild flooding in business halls caused by heavy rain, PSBC’s city and county branches formed flood prevention and disaster relief shock teams to accurately rescue them at the first time, and transferred valuables and important leaflets to protect customers’ information and public finances from loss. In order to give full play to the positive role of financial institutions in “protecting people’s livelihood, ensuring production and ensuring stability” in a timely manner, the bank stepped up emergency repairs of equipment and facilities, comprehensively cleaned and disinfected the disaster-stricken outlets, and resumed the operation of the outlets as soon as possible; On the other hand, a temporary office for relevant loan disposal has been set up, resolutely and continuously lending, not drawing loans, and not pressing loans, and making every effort to help small and micro enterprises and “three rural areas” enterprises that have caused losses in disasters, overcome difficulties, help each other and coexist, and cooperate for a win-win situation.

Flood conditions are orders. As the business background support hub of Hubei Postal Savings Bank, the business processing center is well aware of its heavy responsibility. In the face of extreme weather, the business center immediately activated the emergency plan and took effective measures to ensure the safety of personnel and property, ensure the emergency power supply, and ensure the normal operation of power distribution facilities and computer rooms. Due to the orderly production guarantee, there was no service interruption of the business center, and the key quality indicators were stable, which effectively supported the normal operation of PSBC institutions at all levels in the province.

On July 6, torrential rains fell and the flood situation sharply intensified, and many parts of Wuhan were severely waterlogged, roads were impassable, many buses were suspended, and subway lines were shut down several times. The Information Technology Department of the provincial branch set up a temporary network center, and for the first time realized the emergency handling mode of “synchronous operation” of building a production network environment and the center in a different place. After fighting for six consecutive days and nights, they withstood the test of heavy rain and flooding, and achieved a phased victory in the battle of “ensuring service and safety”.

The rainstorm is merciless, and the postal reserve has love; Inclusive finance, rain or shine. Postal Savings Bank Hubei Branch regards flood prevention and disaster relief financial services as the primary task at present, earnestly fulfills the social responsibility of “inclusive finance” of PSBC, mobilizes all resources, carefully organizes, implements responsibilities, responds quickly, and does a good job in financial service protection and support. The bank said that it will work together with a sense of responsibility and mission of “guarding the land responsibly, responsibly and conscientiously” to ensure that the battle of flood prevention and disaster control and production recovery is won.

Hubei Daily, August 9, 4th edition

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