15 silicone-free shampoo e-commerce reputation list: Qingyang and Shiba have the best comprehensive performance

Do you have the same problem as me, every time you have to change to a new shampoo it feels like a gamble, afraid that you will buy a shampoo that does not work? After the launch of the silicone-free shampoo, it has been sought after by many consumers. Are the hot silicone-free shampoos on the market really good? Which shampoo can save our oily, breakable and easy hair types? The long plan is ready to use data to demystify various silicone-free shampoos.

In July 2017, Consumer Reports collected about 52,000 e-commerce reviews of 15 silicone-free shampoos, including Qingyang, Ziyuan, Piaorou, Huirun, Kumano Oil, Siyun, Schwarzkopf, Lux, American Wrigley, Shiba, Sibeqi, L’Occitane, Kérastase and Fulvdeya. For those of you who like to use silicone-free shampoos, which one is more worth buying.

According to the price difference, 15 products were divided into 10 models below 100 yuan and 5 models above 100 yuan for comparison. The situation of two types of products (as shown in Figure 1, 2).

According to consumer reviews and product characteristics, a total of five indicators of dandruff removal, oil control, suppleness, itch relief and odor were selected as comprehensive evaluation indicators, and the weights of each index (as shown in Figure 3).

Before analyzing the products, first let’s talk about the silicone oil in the shampoo, is it harmful to our hair?

Yuanyue Hanhua, a senior researcher at the Scientific Research Center of Silk Group, explained to Consumer Report: “Silicone oil is a controversial topic. The characteristics of silicone oil is that it has a very low surface tension, used for hair, on the surface of the hair can form a uniform breathable oil film, has a good wet combing and dry combing effect, so that the hair smooth and give luster, due to the uniqueness of silicone oil, there is no other oil can fully achieve the effect of silicone oil. ”

She added: “The damage of silicone oil to hair has not really been confirmed by the scientific literature so far. ”

PART1 10 products under 100 yuan: Qingyang ranks first in comprehensive, and bee flower has the highest cost performance

The review results show that Qingyang Pure Scalp Special Anti-dandruff Shampoo performs first in three indicators: dandruff removal, oil control and itch relief, and has the highest comprehensive score. Bee Flower Silicone-free Hair Shampoo has the second overall score, and its 750ml price is only 44.9 yuan, which has a high cost performance. These two shampoos are the two most recommended products in this shampoo under 100 yuan.

Among the 10 products this time, the top 6 shampoos performed well overall, entering the product recommendation list. Combined with consumer reviews and product features, a brief evaluation of these 6 products is as follows.

NO.1 Clear Pure Scalp Anti-dandruff shampoo

As Qingyang’s first 0 silicone oil shampoo, this product has captured the hearts of many users. Zinc pyrithionium is used as an oil control and anti-seborrheic ingredient, sunflower seed oil is used as a smooth ingredient, and menthol is added as a cooling agent. This product is very cool and comfortable to use, with a dandruff rating of 65.14%, the highest among 10 models. The degreasing effect consumer satisfaction is high, the anti-itching effect of all products is not very good, this product is the best relative anti-itching performance. The suppleness effect is not very good compared to other products.

NO.2 Bee Flower Silicone-Free Hair Shampoo

For the brand “bee flower”, I believe that everyone’s impression is cheap, and this silicone-free shampoo also inherits the fine tradition of their brand. This product is the most cost-effective of all the products this time. The silicone-free hair shampoo contains 6 cleansing ingredients, including ginger root extract, and uses panthenol and sweet almond oil as moisturizers. Consumers say they love the smell of the shampoo. Anti-dandruff, oil control, anti-itching effect is also good.

NO.3 Soft Oil Smooth Micron Clear Shampoo

As a silicone-free shampoo launched by Piaorou, the product is transparent and contains a variety of cleaning ingredients. Claimed to use Micellar micro makeup removal and hair care technology, it is the first makeup remover shampoo. Dr. Zhang Tongyan, a cosmetics expert at Zhengzhou Institute of Light Industry, said: “The concept of Micellar micro hair removal and hair care technology is an idea of separating hair care from washing and care. Let the shampoo wash the hair scalp and allow the rest of the hair care process to be controlled. ”

For the use of this product, many consumers feel that the fragrance of this shampoo is fresh and unique, the hair is soft after washing, the oil control effect is good, and the anti-dandruff effect is relatively average.

NO.4 Nourishing Seedless Oil Control Refreshing Shampoo

Ziyuan is a brand that focuses on silicone-free scalp care products. This product contains 4 types of cleaning ingredients, the most unique of which is the sabercifer peel extract. It is a natural plant cleanser that gently cleanses and moisturizes. Consumers said that this product smells good, and performs relatively well in anti-dandruff and supple effects.

NO.5 Kumano Oil Silicone oil free horse oil shampoo

This silicone-free shampoo from Japan uses horse fat as a softener. Japan was the first country to apply for safety certification for refined horse oil. Horse oil contains a lot of linoleic acid, which has a very strong penetrating power. Many consumers said that the oil control effect of this product is not bad, and the hair is relatively smooth after washing. Anti-dandruff performance is decent.

NO.6 Huirun Soft Shampoo

This is a Shiseido product that contains 3 cleaning ingredients, using chamomilla flower extract and rosemary leaf extract as moisturizing astringents. Consumers said that the smell of this product is good, the hair is soft after washing, and the oil control effect is good, but the anti-itching effect is relatively poor.

PART2 5 products over 100 yuan: Shiba has the best overall performance

The comprehensive results show that of the 5 shampoos selected this time for more than 100 yuan, Shiba dandruff shampoo has the best comprehensive performance and is the most recommended of the 5, and the 5 products are briefly introduced below.


This is a shampoo that claims to be mildly dandruff and is weakly acidic, and the ingredients are relatively simple. Contains 4 kinds of cleaning ingredients, including a milder cleaning ingredient lauryl glucoside, containing the natural moisturizing factor sodium lactate. Consumers said that this shampoo has good anti-dandruff, oil control, and anti-itching effects, but some consumers feel that their hair is a little dry after washing.

Are weakly acidic shampoos less damaging to the scalp? Dr. Zhang Tongyan, a cosmetics expert at Zhengzhou Institute of Light Industry, said: “Studies have shown that skin with sound scalp barrier function has a weak pH value. Maintaining weak acidity of the skin is also conducive to the growth and reproduction of beneficial bacteria on the skin, preventing the abnormal reproduction of harmful bacteria, and rebuilding the normal skin microecological barrier. “

NO.2 Silky Charm Revitalizing Shampoo

The shampoo contains a variety of vegetable oil extracts and the product also performs well in terms of softening results. At the same time, it contains tocopherol, ginger root extract, and a variety of active ingredients are added to the product. It also performs relatively well in anti-dandruff effects.

NO.3 L’Occitane 5-in-1 Herbal Essence Repair Shampoo

This is also a shampoo with a variety of plant essential oils and is the best suppleening effect of these 5 shampoos. Consumers said that this product has good oil control and supple effect. The anti-dandruff and anti-itching effect is relatively average.

NO.4 Kérastase dual function shampoo

This is the most expensive shampoo in this selection. Salicylic acid and glycine are used as oil control ingredients. Consumer satisfaction is acceptable in dandruff and supple effect, and consumer satisfaction is average in oil control effect, and many consumers say that oil control is not as good as expected.

NO.5 Fullgreen Deya Complex Essential Oil Strengthening Shampoo

The shampoo’s main effect is to fix hair and contains a variety of plant essential oils. Consumers said that the shampoo’s oil control effect was good, but the hair was dry after washing. In terms of anti-shedding effect, many consumers said that it still has a certain role.

Finally, the best performing products of each indicator are sorted out for you (Figure 6).

Data Description:

1. Sampling instructions: This time in the selection of more mainstream brands, and sales and the number of reviews have reached a certain number of products for comparison, but it is inevitable that some brands can not take care of, and this reputation is for the comparison of specific products, does not mean that all products of the brand are like this.

2. Scoring Description:

Deduplicate the comment data first.

1) Select 5 indicators to calculate the comprehensive score. The weights of each index are: dandruff 30%, oil control 30%, suppleness 20%, itch relief 15%, odor 5%

Reviews are divided into positive, negative, and medium. Since the mention in this review is very low, and the relationship between good and bad reviews is basically inverse, the comprehensive score is calculated by using the praise rate of each index.

A shampoo A indicator positive mention rate = A shampoo A index positive number of positive mentions / A shampoo A index total mentions

A shampoo a index index = A shampoo a index praise rate / comparison style a index overall positive mention rate

The highest score of each index of shampoo calculated in the above way is 4.5 points, and because the consumer satisfaction of the two indicators of dandruff and anti-itching is generally low, the highest score of these two indicators is recorded as 4 points. According to the proportion of the mention rate of each product, the scores of different styles of each index are calculated, the quality score of each index of each shampoo is obtained, and the final comprehensive word-of-mouth index is obtained by weighting and accumulating by sub-items.

The original data of the praise rate of each index of 15 silicone-free shampoos are as follows:

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