In late summer and early autumn, you can wear what “knitwear” at any temperature, versatile and not picky, full of tide

The song of cicadas is fading, the maple leaves are turning red, and early autumn has arrived. As the months get older, so does the weather.

“Every time the season changes, feeling that the wardrobe is empty” is an unchanging “truth” that troubles girls.

So the question is, what to wear this early autumn? Looking down, it will take you through this “different” early autumn season.

Needless to say, knitwear is definitely the first choice for girls during the changing seasons.

The thickness is moderate, which can not only play a certain effect of keeping warm and cold

, the fashion index is also first-class, versatile and not picky, full of trend, how to wear is a proper fashionable elf!

But there are still many sisters who are confused about how to choose knitwear and how to wear knitwear. Don’t worry,

This is a detailed formulation of a universal selection and matching rule for knitwear, and the sisters quickly learn.

First, how to choose knitwear?

1. Pick the thickness

In early autumn, the air is still filled with the scorching smell of midsummer, and the temperature has not dropped to the point of being particularly cold. Therefore, when choosing a knitwear, it is also very important to pick the thickness.

At this time, the editor recommends that sisters choose thin or moderately thick knitwear, too thick items are still unwearable by sisters in the south.

In addition, for the sisters who think that knitwear can’t be worn, there is a better recommendation –

Short-sleeved sweater

, not too hot and well adapted to the early autumn temperature, it is definitely a treasure item for the changing seasons.

2. Pick a style

Knitwear styles are generally divided into tight and loose, pullover and cardigan, long sleeves and short sleeves. Next, the editor will introduce the sisters one by one to its suitable people. Tight-fit knitwear is more suitable for girls with thin skeletons and small skeletons, and the tight fit can perfectly highlight the figure, and the line proportions are at a glance.

The loose fit is a small master of meat covering, which is most suitable for meat sisters on the body, and the meat covering effect is excellent.

The pullover fit can be worn inside and out, and the cardigan is more focused on being a coat, warm and versatile, and the sisters can choose according to their personal preferences.

The difference between long sleeves and short sleeves was also mentioned above, and the sisters can choose the right fit according to the temperature conditions in the location.

3. Pick the elements

There are many elements that knitwear can match,

Checks, stripes, pleats, polka dots, solid colors and much more

It is with these different elements that different aesthetics and fashion will be produced.

Check nobility reduces age

, giving the impression of a little queen attending a Western aristocratic academy;

Stripe classic everyday

, very suitable for the daily wear of office workers and student parties; The folds have a rhythmic sense of layering, and tend to girls who have personality and are “flamboyant”;

Polka dots are fresh and cute

, more suitable for girls who walk fresh and sweet style, solid color retro elegant, sisters who like simple and high-end models should not miss it. There are many more fashion elements that can be matched with knitwear, and sisters can try different styles and designs to meet different selves.

Second, how to match knitwear?

1. Knitwear + long skirt

The shape of knitwear with long skirt is definitely the most suitable for early autumn, knitwear is warm and fashionable, the temperament of the long skirt is gentle and the best match for autumn, the precious thing is that if the sisters feel too cool, they can stuff more autumn pants in the long skirt!

Take it all down! Although long skirts are not suitable for small children, if the length is chosen well, they can be perfectly controlled.

For petite girls,

It is recommended to choose a position where the length is located a little above the ankle

, which not only exposes the thinnest ankles, but also plays a role in increasing visual height.

Small girls must not choose knee-length skirts, otherwise they will really become veritable “dwarfs”!

Let’s take a look at this outfit, a solid camel pullover sweater with a black and white polka-dot long skirt, and finally a pair of black small leather boots, elegant and intellectual, but cute and charming.

The neckline design of the knitwear adds a bit of formality to the overall look,

The polka-dot long skirt on the lower body adds a cute atmosphere, making the overall effect look serious but not rigid, which is a very suitable set of early autumn outfits for office workers.

2. Knitwear + jeans

Whether it’s a pullover or a cardigan, the combination of knitwear and jeans is something you want to try very much. Knitwear is gentle and elegant, and jeans are chic, and the combination of the two is tantamount to the very popular mix and match style.

The charm of mixing and matching lies in putting two completely different styles together, and the spark that collides is absolutely brilliant and colorful, which shows the many possibilities of fashion.

Jeans are also a very common item for goddesses, and every girl has a pair of jeans that can be handled.

For the selection of jeans, I will not repeat it here, wide legs cover flesh, tight body shows a good figure, dark color is thin, light color is more retro and refreshing.

Then come to Kangkang’s outfit, white T inside, light purple and apricot checked knit as a jacket, and a pair of light-colored slim-fitting jeans on the lower body.

A retro-style thin belt connects the upper and lower body, making the overall look more harmonious and unified, which is really the finishing touch.

The overall matching effect is gentle but powerful, stylish but full of depth.

The above is the collection of early autumn knitwear compiled by the editor for your sisters, what are you waiting for, add a beloved knitwear to your wardrobe.

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