Don’t worry about winter wear, check out these short down jackets, warm and comfortable without being picky

What kind of clothing is most popular in winter? A down jacket with excellent warmth is certainly indispensable. But because such clothes are particularly thick, and the design and style are relatively similar, many girls find it very difficult to match, unable to highlight a different sense of fashion, and it is easy to bump shirts when walking on the road. In fact, we can take a look at the shape of these bloggers’ short down jackets below, each with its own characteristics, and it can definitely overwhelm the crowd when it appears on the street.

Light pink can be easily controlled by girls of any age, such a color is very pink, and it can also look white and beautiful when worn on the body, and it is more special when combined with a down jacket. As long as we choose pink with relatively high color saturation, it will not look tacky at all.

The fur collar design really goes well with the pink down jacket, because the fur collar itself has a cute and playful feel, and it has a very winter atmosphere, and when combined with a short down jacket, it will not look so dull. If we feel that the solid color design is a little monotonous, we can try this style.

In fact, short cuts can improve body proportions well, but you still need to spend a little thought on matching. For example, this blogger matched a straight skirt on the lower body, which not only set off the gentle and warm whole person, but also made the whole person’s figure show a ratio of three or seven points.

When matching, you must pay attention to the color response, the blogger chose a camel snow boot for himself, and also cleverly matched with rose-pink socks, echoing the color of the down jacket, will not make the matching look without a sense of wholeness. In fact, socks are also a very good item, choose a special design, can definitely become the finishing touch.

The pink-purple color with extremely low color saturation is very special, and such a color on the body not only makes the cuties much younger, but also difficult to collide with others. If you choose a pink and tender color, try to choose such a low saturation, and it is easier to control, whether it is a mature girl or a girl can easily hold.

Because the color of the down jacket is relatively light, it is more harmonious to wear a pair of white slacks on the lower body. This pair of pants is particularly loose, but not too loose, which can help us define the shape of the legs, make the legs look more slender and straighter, and it is not easy to make people feel tight, and will not feel constrained during walking.

The short down jacket with a scarf is very stylish, and the scarf can make the neck feel warm, which is also a very good decoration. In winter, we can prepare more versatile scarves and combine them with various clothes to create a more fashionable and complete look.

The white knitted hat is very well-behaved to wear, and such a hat can echo the white pants worn by the blogger. In fact, winter is a good season to wear a hat, which can make the outfit more personal. For a more youthful look, get a baseball cap.

The brown cropped down jacket is very white, which is particularly versatile and easy to control. If you are tired of black and white, you can try earth tones, and brown is also a very popular one.

And the blogger also chose the earth color system in terms of inner layering, and the combination of the same color is very harmonious and beautiful, and it is not easy to overturn, and it is not easy to make people feel violated. When we choose the inner layer, try to choose the same color as the coat, such a trick everyone can try.

Snow boots, which are the same color as the down jacket, are really a highlight in this outfit, echoing the color of the clothes. Don’t always choose leather boots, snow boots can also try, it can make the whole person look cute and playful. Not only is it warm, but the comfort is also very high, and it is not easy to make your feet feel sore even if you walk a lot.

When choosing a solid color down jacket, try to choose a style with a special design. Although this down jacket is camel colored and there are no other decorations inside, its neckline design is more special, which greatly enhances the fashion sense of the clothes.

If you feel that your body is relatively slender and you are afraid that the down jacket looks very bloated on the body, you can learn from this blogger and choose a slim down jacket, so that you can better show your figure and set off the whole person’s special spirit.

You can also wear it with canvas shoes in winter, and the color of this canvas shoe belongs to the same color as the color of the clothes. Although the color of the down jacket is relatively mature, the addition of canvas shoes can make the overall more youthful charm. The pants selected by the blogger are not very long, and at this time, wearing a pair of black socks can play a role in the connection.

Short down jackets and long down jackets have their own merits, and this article introduces many combinations of short down jackets. Whether it is a mature girl or a young eyebrow, you can learn some tips that can be used in daily wear, so that when you wear this kind of clothing, you can also exude the same fashion charm as bloggers.

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