A simple and tender long T-shirt is a refreshing and casual style, and it is popular to wear this summer

The hot summer is about to enter Futian, can be described as the hottest period of summer, thinking of refreshing and comfortable to spend this period, must be some simple proportions of the piece matching, in the simplicity and fashionable feeling, so long T-shirt must be a must, it wears versatile, and simple and neat, so everyone super likes, so how to wear T-shirts, generous and tender?

There are many long T-shirt styles, so it is super inclusive to the body, whether the body is slightly fat or very thin, there is no pressure, but the first thing to do is to combine the body, it is suitable.

T-shirt with wide-leg trousers

The trend of fashion has always been the goal of everyone’s pursuit, so wearing a sense of high-end is our purpose, usually life and daily work, are more like the feeling of loose freedom, then must be matched with wide-leg trousers, elastic and moderate, will not look sloppy. And in addition to life and work, we should also pay attention to the elastic combination in daily wear.

Especially summer clothes, too loose and sloppy, and wide-leg pants are loose and casual, and the style of T-shirts is also easy to put away, when they are combined, it is the most suitable for summer and the most popular match for young girls. And wide-leg trousers, it does not fit closely and will not be tight, and at the same time it is relatively cool, and it will not have a heavy feeling, so it is necessary in summer.

Secondly, this match, it has a good advantage, inclusive of the shortcomings of the body, such as slightly fat girls, and pear-shaped body, it can cover the shortcomings of slightly fat, and this body plain color matching is also preferred by young girls, simple and casual The most important thing is to show white, if you travel to work can be matched with a pair of flat canvas shoes, daily travel at home can be casually matched with sandals, simple and fashionable.

T-shirt with skirt

Not wearing a skirt does not seem to be a summer match, when you think of skirts, dresses come to mind, but in fact, in addition to dresses, we also have skirts, and T-shirts with skirts are not only good looking but also thin.

This outfit follows the black and white matching, the classic black and white match, which has made the basis for thinness. Secondly, like this black skirt, it is a skirt full of advantages, with a flowing skirt and a white T-shirt, which also has a sufficient age-reducing effect.

T-shirt with skirt, it has the irreplaceable beauty of pants, the skirt has a bit of light charm and elegant features, the length can also cover your ankles as much as possible, this is to let the skirt release enough flesh covering effect. For a slender girl, the figure instantly became a word, and it seemed that the whole person was thin and tall. With a cap, it is elegant and quiet, and it is particularly temperamental.

T-shirt with shorts

Young people like the feeling of handsome, casual matching, no need to dress up, once girls are handsome, it seems that boys cannot compare. Rose red, has always been the favorite color of girls, romantic and gentle. Then when it blends with a long T-shirt, you can’t see the gentleness, it’s handsome and awe-inspiring, it’s really cool.

Handsome matching, naturally indispensable shorts, this black shorts, also full of handsomeness, raw edge hand design, has laid a solid foundation for the style, but with rose red, full of weight. With sneakers and stockings, it has a beautiful feeling of fried streets. This outfit is naturally more picky, and it is recommended that thin and tall girls try it.

T-shirt with tight shorts

This outfit is really too comfortable, the color is eye-catching, and the figure is attractive enough. Usually at home like comfortable and casual dressing, this body is very suitable, the most important seemingly simple match, but in recent years more popular outfits, the trend and neat.

The dark coffee T-shirt, the color is thick and mature, and the long T-shirt has covered the hips, which can be paired with tight shorts, following the principle of loose and tight on the top, reflecting the perfection of the figure. Therefore, this kind of tights, I am afraid that only girls with a slimmer lower body can control them. Sexy and charming, especially tall girls, if you wear such a body to travel, it can still cause a wave of return.

Often everyone likes to travel with small white shoes, but when it comes together with light-colored slippers, it is super fried street to attract attention. The light green slippers are bright and white, so if the skin is a little dark girl, it is recommended not to choose, and the light green is more eye-catching, so you need to be cautious when matching.

At the same time, this matching, the transition of color from dark to light from dark to light, or ulterior motives, so in a matching, not only the shape style is important, but also the color matching is also the core. At the same time, the matching of hairstyles is the finishing touch, and the casual dress matching should be simpler in hairstyle, and it can be exuded, natural and casual. No deliberate tidying is required.

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