“WARM LAB Snow Boots”, recent special fire

Hello, Everybody, everyone

Cold air in a row

How are you?

Xiaobian wearing canvas shoes, I am walking in the cold wind.

“Warm Lab雪地靴”,最近特别火

Continuously ask yourself:

“Warm Lab雪地靴”,最近特别火

Why don’t I have temperature to be temperament?

“Warm Lab雪地靴”,最近特别火

Is the cement in Shanghai? Is it a ice?

What is the difference between dressing shoes and light? ?

Why don’t I wear a warm shoes? ? ?

Martin boots, boots, snow boots …


“Warm Lab雪地靴”,最近特别火

Who is the winter boot circle! ! !

This season should wear the cold, and the snow boots are absolutely ranked first. This keeping the truth believes that everyone knows that many netizens worried that after wearing snow boots, they look short and 邋遢, they are no longer the fashion bonards on the whole street!

How can this cold day, how can this warm snow boots because “good-looking”? Besides, not the snow boots are not alive, but you don’t match it, fashion tide people’s winter street beats rely on it, interpretation of the streets of Girl!

Whether it is from the fact that it is still a fashionable angle, the snow boots are already a single product that everyone is insecurving, how to choose a snow boots become a problem! Today, let Xiaobian tell you how to choose, take you fashionable warmth!

“Warm Lab雪地靴”,最近特别火

“WARM LAB Snow Boots”, set simple fashion, waterproof, comfortable and breathable, lightweight to wear! Autumn and winter this pair of boots are the most popular, wear early in the morning! Wear the self-confidence of God! With a pair of “Warm Lab Snow Boots” home, warm winter.

“Warm Lab雪地靴”,最近特别火

On September 19, 2019, I was officially sold in Jingdong, and I just got a lot of support. Now I still are still in fire, and I have a chance to miss!

“Warm Lab雪地靴”,最近特别火


During a while, the Australian pilot used 2 sheepskin to wrap the feet, and the inner mile was wool. The outside is the ultra-light sheepskin, and it is very warm, and then it will be all over the north and south.

“Warm Lab雪地靴”,最近特别火

“WARM LAB Snow Boots” is the use of Australia imported original long with fur sheepskin. Through the most advanced leather technology, the lamb is kept the softness, denseness, breathable and warmth of the sheep shear, and the quality of keep warm.

“Warm Lab雪地靴”,最近特别火

When you are frozen into a dog in the northern sun, you can keep warm comfortable breathable! But the winter in the south, often raining, gentle and hidden, and it is difficult to detect. The rain is a little bit from the upper, the sole slowly penetrates into the shoe, and the double-sided clam is more cold after the rain is eroded.

“WARM LAB snow boots” not only meets the basic needs of warmth, breathable, but also has a more functional waterproof and anti-fouling characteristics.

“WARM LAB Snow Boots” is made of waterproof cattle two-layer skin, especially in Germany BASF waterproof coating; the side of the shoes is waterproof, increase the height of waterproof, and the zipper will seal waterproof, do not leave a slice gap The sole is a waterproof adhesive, and the case of waterproofing every detail, broken, and seepage is not existed. The whole double snow boots, the quilted line is uniform, and the needle is delicate.

“Warm Lab雪地靴”,最近特别火

In the rain and wet environment, it can easily deal with, and rain and snow don’t have to be careful, you can wear snow boots as rain shoes. Super “waterproof function” is the first reason for Xiaobian, I love “WARM LAB Snow Boots”, and the price is really high!

There are also many netizens who will feel that the snow boots will take a long time. “WARM LAB snow boots” uses a comfortable high-elastic rubber sleeve, not only damage to anti-slip, strong and wearing, and very labor-saving Feet, completely bid farewell to heavy boots! Wearing a snow boots is the minimum respected in winter! Insole is also replaceable, always keep the shoe dry, warm and comfortable.

“Warm Lab雪地靴”,最近特别火

The rubber sole is mighty and then avoided the abrasion of the poor walking posture. Finally, I know why my shoes always wear the reason why it’s bad, it seems that I have to pay attention to the sole design!

You may also say that if you are slim, it is fine. Select the pair, it is promoted to hipster nearsers in minutes, and the second is bigger, but the wrong price is equal to the black into the pit, the radish legs make you wounded in the winter, so I will carefully consider it before.

Snow boots are like winter warm symbols, more and more fashionable needs are also more and more trendy, the fashionable style is really hard to cut. “WARM LAB Snow Boots” This double snow boots are more designed than ordinary snow boots, sewing threads are outside, full, open design, not only can improve snow boots and swollen legs short The situation, easy to get rid of the thickness, more fashionable, and the vitality is full.

“WARM LAB Snow Boots” has 2 style, 3 kinds of color optional, classic black, can be color, khaki is super good!

Low help (15 cm): The low help is the most classic style of snow boots, and it is also the least picked style, the first choice of legs, the low-top snow boots can be very good to cover up, through adjustment The overall upper and lower body is displayed “high pick”. It is especially important to highlight the finest place in the leg! The design of the low shoes, quietly realistic increases the care machine of the legs.

High-gang (21 cm): The high help is completely packaged, if the calf is not enough, this high snow boots will appear more thick. The leader is preferred.

“WARM LAB snow boots” focuses on quality assurance and complete qualification certification. The products have been detected by authoritative institutions, lead, coated lead, and phthalate content is far below the US Consumer Association CPSIA standard. Even the infants can safely use, and the heart-moving little fairy quickly started!

“Warm Lab雪地靴”,最近特别火

How can I prepare a pair of rapid cooling? Some places have long been covered, wearing a fluffy snow boots should be viewed, and there is no fear of fear in the winter and snow. Some places have not snowed, but the temperature will drop greatly, hurry to wear the snow boots warm feet! Warm and fashionable waterproof, it is definitely the warm and fashionable choice for your winter. You really need!

The “WARM LAB Snow Boots” designed in this craftsmanship officially opened on September 19, 2019, and now logs in to the Jingdong crowd planning platform, and now enjoy ultra-low discount! The number is limited, the opportunity is only once, not to be missed!

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