LEVI’S MADE & CRAFTED Part 2: Tack Slim Jeans men’s slim jeans

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LEVI’S MADE & CRAFTED series has bought two pants for a man and a woman, both feel good, my main feeling is that the fabric is comfortable, the price is not very high, whether it is the original price or after discount, it is basically the price of two ordinary levis.

The pants were purchased on the official website of the United States levis, and now the same color scheme is sold out, but there are many beautiful colors to choose from in other colors, the link is as follows:

tack slim | Levi’s | United States

Remove the plastic bag and take a photo directly in hand.

On the front of the pants, the thighs look so white, but in fact the body is not so obvious.

Pants reverse,

The washing effect is obvious at the bend of the thigh.

There are really a lot of hang tags, the third time I bought LMC, this time I finally had a bag to spend. The white hang tag reads slim, slim-fit

Various hang tags.

The small blue flag is different from the general red flag.

The leather brand still feels so soft and good, and it is really comfortable to touch.

Looking at the front, the whitening treatment is quite good.

The buttons used are also different from the regular ones.

The placket is zippered and uses YKK.

The zippo pocket is sewn up, no hardware is used.

Logo behind the waist.

Look inside the pants, you can still write the name and date on the pocket cloth.

There is still a car line in the ass department, and the third time you buy it, you are familiar with the road.

Look at the washing label, or made in Turkey, American products do not expect.

The fabric contains 2% elastane, which may be the 2% that makes me feel that the fabric feels very good.

I bought W30L34, the length of the pants is not selected, the uniform is 34, measure it! The waist circumference of 78cm is very accurate.

The length of the trousers is 110cm, and it is bound to go to a tailor to change the legs.

The opening of the pants is 17.5cm, which is already very small, and I think it is not recommended to roll up the cuffs for these pants.

Finally, I changed my body to see the effect before I changed it, but unfortunately I didn’t have an ass and couldn’t hold it up.

Roll to the length I think I can, find a teacher to change the legs of my trousers, and keep the original 15 pieces.

Well, all sunburned, can be summarized, the price is not expensive, I recommend that you try it, really better than ordinary levis, that is, pants said that it is said to be slim, in fact, it can be regarded as tight, it is not recommended to wear large weight personnel, if you want to find fault, L34 inventory can not be selected, not 185cm people basically have to change, the so-called Cheng Ye Xiao He defeated Xiao He, 2% elastic fiber is still more troublesome to change, if the tailor master level is not high, after changing the trouser legs will be a little horn, This is also a friendly reminder!

End of the full article, thank you!

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