What are the hazards of glazed color tableware?

The glazed color tableware is often colorful, what are the hazards of glazed color tableware?Today, I will answer one by one.


The hazard of the glaze color tableware is generally in the case where the heavy metal exceeds poisoning.This is because of the glaze, although there is a lot of color, the color is pleasant, but it is prone to heavy metals such as lead, cadmium, but the standard product generally does not have this problem.

More than 80% of ceramic products in the market are now glazed. If inferior pigments are used during processing, it is easy to cause heavy metal dissolution.So when you purchase, you should also pay attention to the color color in the glaze. The easier the heavy metal is easier to exceed the standard, so you should try to choose the colorful product and the surface decoration, less pattern, and use it.

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