Supermarket promotion new pose! A gorgeous wedding dress with a fish tail made of toilet paper

Do you believe this wedding dress is made of toilet paper? Olivia Mears, an art student from North Carolina, created this one-of-a-kind wedding dress using just 11 rolls of toilet paper, 30 meters of tape and lots of glue.

The dress was made to compete in the local annual cheap fashion toilet paper wedding contest, sponsored by the toilet paper company Charmin. “When I knew there were only a few weeks left to prepare for this competition.” Olivia spent a full 20 hours preparing it.

Olivia, who majored in art education at Western Carolina University, embodies the dreamy Victorian style in her work, which she carries over to this toilet paper wedding dress. “Based on the Victorian ball dress design, I decided to make the piece into a multi-layered skirt, with an embroidered corset and rose frills, but to make the skirt more modern, I removed the sleeves so that the bottom hung down naturally and gave the skirt an opening at the front.”

The skirt looks fragile, but it’s actually made on a strong corset and reinforced with tape. Decorated with rose embellishments around the bodice, extending all the way to the bottom of the skirt. She herself models for the dress, and it takes some work to wear it, but it’s not terribly difficult.

But her pet cat is indeed a dangerous element, and it stares at the toilet paper, apparently trying to create a happy mess. Fortunately, she cleverly used a roll of toilet paper to draw its attention before starting work, “Before I started making the dress, I sacrificed a roll of toilet paper to draw the cat’s attention, and he took another roll while I was not paying attention and played with it for a long time.” Olivia said.

Unfortunately, this beautiful wedding dress did not win the championship last year, only finishing 15th out of 1400 contestants. Olivia will also continue to compete this year, and she will have more time to prepare. She said that fashion design is already a hobby for her, and her dream is to be able to do fashion design at LA.

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