This year’s most fashionable cropped harem pants are hot again, and they will be matched to make your look thinner!

In the hot summer, it is necessary to show a little cooler, girls who like to wear trousers, you can choose today’s most fashionable cropped harem pants, understand that matching will make the shape thin enough, let’s take a look!

White shirt + cropped denim Harlan pants

Summer is coming, you have to wear some cool items, this white shirt, pure white color, visually gives people a very refreshing feeling, square neck design, charming collarbone line at the display, while showing the effect of small face, balloon sleeves, playful and cute, loose style, very thin, with this year’s very fashionable denim Harlan pants, high-waist design, waist staggered button combination, very fashionable and good-looking, Harlan fit, crotch wide girls wear more thin, rolled feet to create a cropped length of pants, small people wear a very high sense of déjà vu , simple with single shoes, make your look thin and good-looking!

White T-shirt + cropped casual harem pants

Suitable for sports summer, choose a comfortable pair of casual pants is a must, this year’s very fashionable Harlan pants, the recent fire do not want, casual Harlan fit, black color, versatile fashion, but also thin and appropriate, elastic strap cord waist, to the pants to add a look, cropped cuffs with split ends and irregular splicing treatment, so that your matching is more colorful and good-looking, with a loose white T-shirt, the overall really good looking and very thin effect.

Letter T-shirt + bud cropped harem pants

Girls who like simple matching, don’t miss this match, simple letter print T-shirt, fresh blue and clean white contrast, visually very small and fresh feeling, loose style, hidden meat to show thin sharp weapons, the lower body is this year’s very hot Harlan pants, the upper body is enough for you to look thin, the buds with bow tie decoration, cleverly cover your little belly, very thin, but also sweet, Harlan’s fit, cropped pants length, for you who are small and thick legs, wear thin and tall to show the sense of leg length.

Image T-shirt + side striped cropped harem pants

This simple and comfortable pants are very fashionable and hot Harlan pants this year, the upper body is easy to look thin, dark green color, with a bit of retro feeling, street fan, personalized side stripe design, make the pants look more fashionable, fashionable cropped length, exposed ankle part, showing high leg length is really fantastic~ feel free to match the image T-shirt, ultra-loose fit, bring people a very thin shape.

This year’s trendiest cropped harem pants are hot again, and they will be matched to make your look thin enough!

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