Bottom the ceiling of the underwear world! It is thin and scarless, and you don’t want to take it off when you wear it

It’s getting colder,

It’s time to get up again by perseverance,

Bathing by the season of courage,

Especially in the morning and evening, when the wind blows, it is cold to the bone

For girls, every day is not only painful to commute, but also put on and take off underwear morning and evening!

Just crawled out of the quilt with difficulty, and when I thought of taking off my essence and wearing underwear, I wanted to “die”.

Many sisters secretly do not wear underwear, but they are always worried and worried about sagging, especially tangled!

Later, I accidentally saw a Japanese interview and learned that Japanese girls would change in winter

Integrated thermal bra vest.

Wear it in winter, even in the ice and snow, they can still wear it lightly and look exquisite!

So it’s warmer than wearing bloated and thick clothes!

In the matter of “ensuring warmth”, Sun Li has made a correct demonstration for us:

A good vest can protect the core parts of the person: stomach, waist, back.

As long as these places are warm, other places will be warm.

After finding more than 30 kinds of vests with good reputation on the market, we selected this —

Coconut oil foundation warm vest

Reason for recommendation:

Double-sided brushing for double warmth and comfort

Detachable chest pads, more cost-effective to wear in one piece

Added coconut oil, 90% antibacterial emollient

Light and scarless, it looks thin and versatile on the body

The first feeling when you get it is soft and delicate, comfortable to the touch like the hair on a cat’s belly, and it smells like a faint coconut fragrance.

Dressed very closely, without any sense of restraint, it will soon forget its existence.

Embedded in the removable bionic chest pad, soft and elastic~

We tested its warmth insulation:

The results are clear at a glance, when not wearing a vest, the colleague’s body temperature is 36 degrees Celsius;

After wearing this small vest, the body temperature reaches 37.5 degrees Celsius, which is full of warmth!

Vacuum fiber self-heating, 1 piece = 3 pieces of ordinary underwear

Why is it so warm?

The answer is that it uses a vacuum fiber material

In the spinning weaving, it is closely arranged and has a good holding force, so the warmth is excellent.

When in contact with the skin, vacuum fibers absorb excess moisture from the body,

Convert into heat energy and continue to keep warm and warm!

It also circulates heat between skin and clothes, like putting 1 million invisible miniature warm babies in clothes.

Even if you sit quietly in winter, you can still maintain a constant temperature of 37 degrees, which is especially suitable for girls who are prone to cold hands and feet.

In addition, it has a double-sided hot grinding design!

It’s not at all like the cold flesh and the flesh to cover the hot fabric, the upper body is warm and melting, and the thief is comfortable ~~

Whether the textile is warm depends on the material itself, and the tightness of the weaving

Ordinary thermal underwear fibers are relatively loose, heat is easy to lose, heat concentration is relatively poor, when the weather is cold, the back is cold all day.

This one uses a unique ultra-fine textile technology, and the fiber density is 10% higher than other similar fibers.

It can reduce the invasion of cold outside and the loss of body surface heat, and the two-way warmth effect is stronger.

In the cold winter, wear a coconut oil foundation warm vest under the sweater, protect from the wind and keep warm, and you are not afraid to ride out.

It has both the function of a bra and the warmth of underwear, and what is more lovely is that it can also be used as a shapewear and undershirt ~~

1 piece = bra + thermal vest + shapewear + undershirt

Skincare products to wear on the body!

Moisturizes, nourishes the skin, anti-free radicals, inhibits bacteria by 95%

Many people in winter, often because of dryness rash, a scratch a large piece of red, sometimes in public, often itchy can not stand it, especially embarrassing~

So in addition to the surprising warmth effect of the vest,

It is also a “wearable skincare product”!!

Because the fabric can be fortified with all-purpose coconut oil! Smell it, there is a faint coconut fragrance~

Coconut oil is a natural skin care moisturizer, which is also rich in lauric acid, which has a bactericidal effect!

I have only worn it for a short month, and now my skin is moisturized more moisturized than applying body lotion~

The design team wrapped the essence of coconut oil in microcapsules and embedded it into the fabric fibers using modern textile techniques.

Wearing it can not only moisturize the skin, avoid skin sensitivity, itching, but also have a good bacteriostatic effect.

What’s more, it can also scavenge free radicals in the human body.

We know that free radicals are the culprits of human aging, wrinkles, dullness, and skin aging are all brought about by it.

Even if this fabric has been washed 40 times,

The free radical scavenging rate can still reach 52%.

Really realize that the more you wear the skin, the smoother and more delicate, my colleague’s husband said that she has recently been like rejuvenation ~

Super thin, small face, and can be cut arbitrarily!

It can naturally stretch and expand according to the contour curve of the human body,

Smooth excess fat on the waist, abdomen, armpits, and back, so as to achieve the effect of slimming the body!

In order to adapt to people of different body types, a high-elastic fiber fabric is also added inside, and the elasticity is 3 times that of ordinary fabrics!

Girls with a lot of flesh on their bodies will not feel strangled when they wear it~

The unique diamond collar can lengthen the face and look thinner than the round neck.

The sleeveless design also avoids the embarrassment of underwear sleeves always running outside~~

In early autumn, it can be used as an underwear, with a suit tower or a knitted cardigan over it, which is very fashionable.

Light as a second skin!

Autumn and winter never took off their underwear again

The traditional thermal underwear interface is too hard, and it always feels panicked against the meat.

And this coconut foundation underwear is cut in one piece,

360-degree non-marking process

, just like the second skin of a person, super light and thin, very conforming!

Wider shoulder straps also reduce shoulder pressure and no strangulation marks!

The hem is cut freely without taking off the line, which is too suitable for small people like us!

Autumn and winter clothes are most afraid of wearing sweat and breathability, sticky and uncomfortable all day, and this coconut foundation warm vest will never bother with this.

The honeycomb-shaped special fiber structure, like tens of thousands of vents, greatly improves the breathability and moisture removal.

We put the thermal vest on the hot water cup, and in less than 3 seconds, a large amount of water vapor wafted out through the fabric.

Wear it with a little sweat on your back to keep you fresh all day.

No ball, no deformation, no color off in washing!

The senseless label does not tie the meat, and the four-stitch and six-thread boneless stitching are super intimate!

This coconut base thermal underwear has also passed the quality test and does not contain any harmful substances, so pregnant women and students can wear it with confidence!

Choose from 4 yards:

5 colors:

Black, skin color, gray, coffee, caramel, each of which is versatile and high-class!

Self-heating constant temperature insulation, close to the body, light and no marks!

One piece can be worth 3 pieces, as pajamas, undershirts, underwear, whether at home, shopping, work, sleep can be worn.

Let you easily concave in the cold winter and achieve a new height of beauty!

Anyway, if you want to buy thermal underwear in winter, then choose a thin and warm ~

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