What kind of early education machine do children like?

Speaking of early education machines, when my daughter was very young, she was about one or two years old, and my sister-in-law bought an early education machine, which looks like a computer, and there is a sound when the card is pressed. She was very interested at first, and she pressed hard, but after playing once or twice, she was not interested, and she threw it around. The second early education machine was bought by her aunt when she was more than three years old, and the little pudding was pink, and she still liked the appearance. When I first got it, I held it in my arms every day and didn’t let others touch it, and as long as I went out to play, I would take the initiative to ask to bring a small pudding to listen on the road. In this regard, I think the children’s early education machine still looks novel, and it is better to take it out.

The daughter bought a similar model, and the appearance is a little different. Its shape design adopts a live-action cartoon image, just like the baby’s little friend guarding the baby every day, making the baby feel that he is growing up with the little cloth ding and is the baby’s intimate friend. In addition to a remote control, there are eight buttons on it, such as eating, watching TV, bathing, sleeping, kindergarten, etc. The baby does not go to bed on time, press the sleep button, and immediately the child will tell her about the disadvantages of not sleeping and the benefits of sleeping. And you can download things yourself, which is really good.

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Fire Rabbit children’s early education story machine, children aged 0-7 can use. In fact, the content in the early education machine is similar, and we can download the content at will. What children like is appearance, so we must choose the image that children like to buy while choosing quality. The biggest feature of this rabbit is that the ear color is made of edible silicone, which meets the habit of the baby who likes to gnaw when he sees everything. It is also a toy and can learn. It is the best choice for small babies.

Ariro Fire Rabbit Children’s Early Education Story Machine G6-4G Children’s Early Education…


The Little Bear Early Education Machine is a bit expensive, but there are two bears, big and small, and they can talk. Can be interactive. You can also play hide-and-seek with children, I believe children will love it very much.

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In addition to the functions of general early education machines, the biggest feature of running ant children’s early education machine is that it can dance, and will go straight on the ground or turn in circles to drive the baby to dance. If you can also say something funny when you stand upside down, you will be a good playmate for your baby.

Early education through running ant children early education machine 0-1-3-6 years old baby puzzle baby…

The small bean early education machine is similar to a small doll, and has 1500 built-in voice commands, which can talk to the baby. And there is a game function of TOM Cat. There are also many games that interact with small babies such as guessing animals, Tang poems and so on. Let your baby learn while playing.

Little energy bean early education machine children’s toy story machine can be recharged, downloadable 0-3-…


The above are all good early education machine choices that I think, of course, there are some rag dolls that also have this function, but it is too inconvenient to carry, and it is not as good as this kind of early education machine that can both play and learn and facilitate the crash.

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