Thick coat in winter, each piece is so foreign

Some northern regions have already begun to enter winter, and recently the temperature in the south has begun to cool down significantly, which has caught many partners by surprise.

Lightweight, skin-revealing pieces are no longer suitable, it’s time to buy

Warm and chic at the same time

Thick clothes too.

Therefore, I decided to arrange a wave of coat recommendations for the fairies today, all of which are measured dry goods, and it will not be wrong to collect.

The old rule, if you want to wear clothes out of fashion, you must first have to

Choose the right style

In the case of Liya herself, I generally pay special attention to these 3 points.

1. Droozing

2. Fit

3. Length

# Look at the sense of sagging

The coat fabrics are relatively thick, and the upper body is easy to produce a sense of visual bloat, so if we want to appear thin, we have to start with

Longitudinal vision

Do the article.

The horizontal silhouette has a strong feel

Coat, very stylistic, but will

Shortness presses height

, Fairies who do not have a tall figure should be cautious.

I would prefer the style with a better drape, come

Enhance the vertical line feel

, the whole will have an elongation effect.

It is also best to ensure its structured shape, too much fold accumulation will affect the texture.

So try to store your coat

Adopt a direct hanging method

, ironing before wearing will also give the look appropriate points.


Common coats will be divided into O-type, A-type, H-type, and X-type.

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The O-type is what we often call a cocoon-shaped coat

, the shoulder line is relatively blurred, most of them are slippery shoulder design, the waist presence is also relatively weak, and the style is biased towards cute hanging.

Fairies with small bellies can try, though

Apple-shaped body with broad shoulders and a large skeleton

It is not very suitable and will show a strong upper body.

Because the overall silhouette looks like a fit, try to choose a suitable style, if it is too large, it seems a little dragged and spiritless.

A-type coat, the overall is narrow and wide at the top, and the shoulder line is relatively clear, but

There is basically no cinched waist

The tolerance of the upper body is relatively high,

Round-shouldered, slippery figure

Wear a body shape that can be well modified and look three-dimensional and shapely.

More typical representatives are cape-style coats, horn-buttoned coats, sweet age-reducing college style, and are very suitable with skirts.

My personal favorite H-shaped coat, there is

Pronounced shoulder line, overall straight line

, simple and smooth and advantageous, even without a waistline, it is very thin.

The versatility index is also very high, and the casual, commuting, and cute underwear can be easily held, which is a basic model that can be blindly entered.

Want to increase

Commuting formality

, on the optional version; like

Casual and lazy

, the appropriate loose fit is more suitable.

X-shaped coat, the waist line will be more pronounced, can be to a certain extent

Raise the waist line and lengthen the leg shape

, a good option for small people.

# Look at the length

Wearing coats, many fairies will worry about being short, in fact, as long as you control the length of the clothes, it is not a problem to show the length of the legs.

Very fashionable short, the upper body directly raises the waist line, as long as the lower body is shaped, you can try

Leggings, tonal shoes



Don’t try a loose + loose combination

, will blur the curve of the body, giant fat.

Regular models are generally above the hips, and the grooming ability is decent, without particularly large advantages.

The length of the left and right knees is more difficult to match, and it is difficult to score 55 points directly on the legs, even tall people are difficult to control the sense of fashion.

Liya recommends choosing a long coat near the calf, which can cover the flesh, expose part of the slim line, and pair it with booties and high heels, which is very high-quality.

Extended coat,

Remember not to cover your ankles

Pick a slim or waist style, with high heels and block heeled boots, you generally can’t go wrong.

# Other details

The neckline design also has a big impact on the overall finishing ability.

Three-dimensional small neckline, modifying the face shape and showing slenderness; Vintage double lapels, durable and extended, can be properly thin.

Although the large neckline is domineering and stylish, it is easy to press the height, and it is not suitable for small people.

The dropped shoulders that were popular in previous years, although good-looking, are also easy to press height, and Liya recommends that fairies choose coats with obvious shoulder lines, which are more neat and spiritual, and the tolerance of the figure is also greatly improved.

If you want your coat to appear high, pocket placement is also important.

Generally, the lower the pocket, the shorter the legs, and it is best without hindering practicality

Choose a style above the hip

The position of the button is also a certain amount of attention,

Try to be as high as possible, and the number is small

; The color and fancy should not be too conspicuous, and try to have similar attributes to the clothes themselves, so that the upper body will be more advanced.

Sleeves as much as possible

Choose straight sleeves

, the length is guaranteed to be a little on the wrist, and the exposure of the good-looking inner layer can also be appropriately added.

If you want to add to the charm of your coat, it is also important to wear it underneath.

Be sure when collocation

Emphasize the waistline, the top is stuffed inside, the color difference contrasts, and the belt blessing

It’s all the right way to open.

The choice of coats is said here today, fairies choose according to their body and preferences, and still have to remain exquisite and beautiful in the second half of the year.

When we enter October, it is not far from my favorite winter days.

I like the romantic atmosphere of the white snow and red wall,

Slouchy sweaters, caramel skirts, temperamental coats… Whatever you want

, a stop in front of the snowy scene, that is a painting.

Liya has already started to break her fingers and wait for winter anyway, are the fairies looking forward to it? Which one do you prefer among the four seasons?

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