Fans recommend | With potato chips alone, this shop dares to call itself the “Cake King” in Xi’an

As we all know, in the gastronomic land of Xi’an

The most famous are the trouser belt noodles, biangbiang noodles, etc

But in fact, Xi’an people also love bun deeply

As a “bun” both

It not only has Xi’an local meat dumplings, egg and vegetable dumplings

There are also Tianjin pancake fruits, Xinjiang naan, and Zhejiang plum vegetable cakes

It can be said that steamed food is also blooming everywhere

But there are still people who dare to call themselves “cake kings” in Xi’an

I can’t help but bring up this foodie’s great interest!

I want to explore the origin of this “cake king”!

He was recommended by our dear foodie friend

【Double Sauce Cake King】Xiaozhai store

Search for a wave in Dianping before going

After all, knowing oneself and knowing others can eat happily

If you don’t search, you don’t know, and you are shocked when you search

This [Double Sauce Cake King] does have something

The accompanying keyword is “Xi’an is the best to eat…..”

The reputation on Dianping is also very good

Blowing up, the hearts of many Xi’an people…

Count one and two, the amount is delicious, better than a certain flatbread

If you go late, you may not be able to eat

And so on, good reviews are everywhere

His home is on the third floor of a snack city in that area of Harbour City

The main business is potato chip dumplings

It is also the signboard with the highest order rate and the hottest in his family

Long line from this row

It can be clearly seen that his family’s popularity is very high

The reason why it is called the double sauce cake king

It’s because it’s not like other potato chips

His home is tahini sauce and chili sauce are added

So it’s called double sauce

You can choose what dish to sandwich according to your preferences

Hot potato chips, dried flowers

Soaked in his secret sauce

Plus grilled sausages and lettuce, etc

This fragrant “double sauce cake king” is ready

As soon as I took it, I couldn’t help but swallow my saliva

Grilled sausages with bright colors, full of various dishes

It’s as if it’s about to burst this pie

Take a bite down

The first thing I tasted was the crispiness of the cake

In fact, Ben foodies like to eat potato chips and dumplings

I have also eaten many homes in Xi’an

Most of the cakes can also be placed or pasted

It can’t achieve such a crispy taste

His cakes were surprisingly crispy

The bun is not very thick, when you eat it below

The bun soaked in the sauce will be slightly softer and sticky

It tastes super nice!

Another surprise is his double sauce

Because two sauces are added

So when biting down the first bite

You can feel the sensation of popping sauce

Friends should be careful when eating

Otherwise, it is easy to overflow, or it will rub all over the face

A double combination of chili sauce and tahini

Eat in the mouth, lips and teeth are super rich sauce aroma

Make this simple potato chip bun

The taste layer has also become richer

Potato chips have a crispy taste

The dried flowers are also cooked very deliciously

The most eye-catching thing is this grilled sausage

Very elastic, crispy on the outside and tender on the inside

Both the degree of roasting and the spiciness are just right

The potato slices are also generous in the pancake king

People who have an average amount of food

I feel that this part of the stomach is enough to fill my stomach


His home is still well worth checking in

Thank you also for your recommendations

If everyone has anything else to eat

You are also welcome to recommend it to us in the message area~

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