Neat and unified, more civilized! Jilin Municipal Transportation Bureau changes seat covers for taxis free of charge

For taxis, seat covers are a necessary “outfit”, and its cleanliness directly affects the mood of passengers and the civilized image of the industry.

The picture shows a taxi driver changing the seat cover.

In order to improve the quality of operation and service of the taxi industry in Jilin City and further enhance the riding environment of citizens, on January 20, the reporter learned from the Jilin Municipal Transportation Bureau that from now on, Jilin City began to uniformly replace the seat cover of taxis. The royal blue seat cover with ice and snow pattern has become the latest equipment for urban taxis. All taxis in the city will have their seat covers replaced by January 28.

It is understood that in order to ensure that the seat cover is replaced on time, the Municipal Road Transport Affairs Center issues the “Seat Cover Replacement Registration Card” to each taxi company in the urban area, which is used to record the seat cover replacement time and seal it.

The seat covers for this updated taxi are provided free of charge, with two sets per vehicle in transit, and this batch of seat covers is planned to be used for 2 years. Subsequent replacement costs are borne by the taxi operator (taxi operator or self-employed). For the seat cover that is damaged or cannot be cleaned, the driver on duty should pay according to the price, 60 yuan per set.

According to the regulations, the first change of seat covers began on February 20. In the future, at least once every half month, in case of special circumstances, with dirty washing, after each change, the changing service point will make a record on the seat cover change registration card for inspection.

On the same day, the reporter specially took a taxi with a new “outfit” and experienced it. Taxis with new seat covers are noticeably neater. The reporter was riding in an older taxi. The brother said that with the new “outfit”, it has really increased a lot, and the new seat cover is dirt-resistant and suitable for taxis. Beauty concealers, especially for older cars, do bring a new breath with a new seat cover.

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