How should I wear Chinese bridal makeup? What you should pay attention to during the makeup process

In the daily work of a makeup artist

Chinese bridal styling is also a compulsory course

There are many styles of Chinese dresses

Colors are also rich

For a harmonious combination of accessories, makeup, etc

Test the aesthetics and skills of makeup artists

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The charm of a Chinese wedding

And it’s not just because of the costumes

Makeup is also very important

Filipino Beauty Education

Focus on makeup teaching

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Let’s share a Chinese bridal makeup with you

What should be paid attention to during the process

1. Base makeup

As the protagonist

Colorful costumes

The base needs to be clear and flawless

It is recommended to use a foundation with strong staying power

After all, the wedding day is more than ten hours of makeup

Be the focus of everyone’s attention on the day

In addition, you need to do a good job of concealing your face

to hold in all the group photos

2. Eye makeup

Traditional Chinese wedding

The color of the clothing is heavier

The bride’s eye makeup will not use overly outstanding colors

Mainly earthy tones

Or finish with reddish-brown eyeshadow

And the brown eyeliner is more temperamental

It will also be more natural to match

The tail of the eye can outline the raised eyeliner

Makes eyes look more alert

It also magnifies the eyes

3. Eyebrows

Chinese style

It mainly highlights the dignified and gentle temperament

Line-shaped eyebrows

It will deepen the fierce aura

So the general choice

According to the original eyebrow features

Choose gray-brown

Create a natural and harmonious brow shape

Like standard eyebrows, shooting star eyebrows

4. Blush

Blush is the key to creating a complexion

Choose a blush with a delicate texture

Light pink-brown color

Tilt to blend the cheekbones of the face

It creates a white and red complexion

Feelings of shame with the woman to be married

Reflect each other

Complement each other

5. Lip makeup

Blend from the middle to the edges

It will make the lip color more natural

It also increases the three-dimensional feeling of the lips

Red dress

Choose a slightly darker lip color

It can set off a fairer complexion


The lip color choice will be

The finishing touch to the entire makeup

6. Highlight shadows

The key to creating a three-dimensional sense of the face

Highlight and shadow areas

Staggered colors

Visually increase the three-dimensional sense of the facial features

As shown in the picture

In the middle position under both eyes

Facial atrium includes:

Forehead, bridge of nose, peak of the lips, chin

Use highlight to brighten

On the lower edge of the brow

Both sides of the nose

Use contour shadows

Visual difference between each other

It invisibly makes the facial features more three-dimensional

7. Hair accessories

Chinese-style coiled hair

Mainly according to hair accessories

Create a simple and beautiful bun

Hair accessories, earrings

Make the overall image gentle and soft

Such a flexible Chinese shape is complete

The best moment

Make a note of it carefully

What does your dream wedding look look like?

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The copyright of the image belongs to Fifi Beauty Education, and theft must be investigated

The copyright of the image belongs to Fifi Beauty Education, and theft must be investigated

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