This pair of bow shoes is the main one! Don’t stop me

Think about it, it’s time to recommend some girly hearts to everyone?

All of them have been popular for N long sexual frigid wind, Vetements wind, neutral wind… The girls with the heart of the real princess are all unbearable to die~ Return our girlish style! Also our femininity!

In fact, this year’s bow shoes are popular all over the street, and fashion bloggers and It girls can be seen wearing shoes designed with bow elements on the street.

Speaking of this year’s most “explosive” shoes must be Dior J’adior bow shoes, the simple and elegant shoe shape and letter bow embellishment instantly blew a rush of purchases, and also brought the boom of bow shoes to this spring and summer.

Fenty x Puma bow slippers popularize this popularity to the hearts of the people. Fashion bloggers’ beloved The Row bow-blocking cat heel shoes are now sold out and hard to find.

As long as it is a woman, there must be an obsession with bow shoes, elegant or sweet, every girl has a princess dream.

This year, taking advantage of this trend of bow shoes, let’s take a look at what kind of fashionable outfits are suitable for girls’ heart-filled bow shoes, and plant a wave of grass by the way.

Wear it with an elegant maxi dress

In summer, many girls have a soft spot for long skirts, not because of how versatile they are, but because of sun protection!

In fact, bow shoes and long skirts are the most suitable, but it should also be noted that the overall proportion control is more important than the local beauty.

Long skirts that are length to the ankles are suitable for tall girls, and long skirts that are length to the upper calves are suitable for girls of medium size and petite build.

In addition, the color of the bow shoes must match the color of the long skirt, if it is not possible, you will never go wrong if you choose a simple black and white red model, even if it is paired with a printed style long skirt.

Wear it with a vibrant skirt

If you are not lazy this spring and the current weight loss program has paid off, then bow shoes with a short skirt are the best choice for hot summer.

Colorful bow shoes with a youthful maxi skirt, sexy heeled bow shoes with a miniskirt, or elegant low-heeled bow shoes with a commuter-style pencil skirt are all good choices.

Wear yours with dashing trousers

Don’t think that pants must be linked to the neutral style, some bow shoes with a relatively simple design can be combined with pants, adding points to the overall style fashion index.

Bow shoes with a fancy design are naturally not suitable for matching with pants, otherwise they will appear a little complicated. The first thing that is recommended is the combination of jeans and bow shoes, which echoes the need to wear a more serious style for the upper body, shirts and blazers are better choices, and more sporty jackets will make the whole look a little incongruous.

The wide-leg pants and straight-leg pants can choose a more elegant style, with the same simple design, the color is black, white, silver and gray, the versatile color of bow shoes, so that the overall handsome index is not reduced, but also add some girly feeling.

Recommended items

Coco suede corrugated pumps (The Row)

Bow Women’s Shoes Color Stripe (PEACEBIRD WOMEN×Pepsi) RMB459

Checkered cotton leather slippers (Joshua Sander)

Aline grosgrain webbing flip-flops (GUCCI) RMB4,800

Satin slingback flats (Sam Edelman [NET-A-PORTER.COM exclusive])

Bow leather sandals (Chloé 【NET-A-PORTER.COM exclusive】)

Bow-embellished suede mules (Chloé)

Tethered snake leather slippers (N°21)

Bow velvet sandals (Alexandre Birman @Net-A-Porter)


Bow-embellished metallic leather sandals (Alexandre Birman @Net-A-Porter)

Webbing bow leather slippers (GUCCI) RMB8,900

What do you think? Do you want to get into a pair right away!

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