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In recent years, porcelain flooring has become a widespread popular building ceramic products. So porcelain flooring purchase price and there is a certain skill, as people understand more and more decorative, they choose the decorative materials is also very particular about. Recently, people started to pay attention porcelain flooring, and they started asking porcelain flooring. For knowledge, what porcelain flooring prices and buy skills are? let’s figure it out together! Porcelain flooring prices and buying tips are described below:

First, let’s take a look at the relevant knowledge about porcelain wood flooring prices.

Porcelain flooring price is how much? We all know that there are many porcelain flooring specification, a common 600 * 600,150 * 600,150 * 800,200 * 1000 and other dimensions. Of course, there are related to their manufacturing processes. Porcelain flooring different prices in different specifications and processes.

How to choose a ceramic wood floor?

1. Check whether the color of porcelain flooring pure technique is very simple, mainly to observe the color of porcelain wood flooring is uniform on the back of better-quality porcelain flooring has a uniform body color.

2. Observe porcelain flooring cross section of the particles whether delicate. In general, fine cracks, hard and brittle, and the same color. Since the fine porcelain flooring has a strong water resistance, and granular ceramic flooring has a strong waterproof, so water can easily seep through and affect the quality.

3. Note that the thickness of the glaze layer, the thickness of the glaze is a cross-sectional thickness of the glaze. Glaze porcelain flooring in the cost of expensive materials, the thicker the enamel layer, the better the quality of the natural wood floor porcelain.

4. Listen to the sound. Gently tap to see the sound is clear. If the sound is crisp and clear, for the high-end.

The test using water. Consumers can pour in a porcelain wood flooring back, and pay attention to porcelain flooring absorbs water speed. The water dispersible, water marks inconspicuous, the top grade.

6. Take two back to back and face to face porcelain flooring. To see whether they can be brought into close contact, and there is not much space to determine whether the warp.

7. penetration, looking for ink and coating it on porcelain wood floor, then scrub to see if there are any traces. No trace of those are good porcelain flooring, there is no penetration of the firm is determined not to those selected.


8. The size of the deviation to the two measuring two porcelain ceramic flooring wooden floors geometric length and width, and diagonal look. Small porcelain flooring size deviation is a good product.

9. The inspection report may refer to national or industry inspection agency issued the inspection report provided by merchants to identify and compare water absorption, abrasion resistance, acid resistance and pollution indicators.


These are the small series to introduce porcelain flooring prices and buy skills. Our prices and buying tips for porcelain wood floors have a general understanding. Would like to introduce more of the editor can be helpful to you.

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