On-site maintenance of a Jiechi push-behind floor scrubber

The customer described lying on the ground without absorbing water and insufficient suction. Before going to the place where I suspected that the suction pipe was leaking, I brought a new suction pipe.

Remove the tube to see that it is indeed a problem with the suction pipe! The old pipe connection has fallen off, and a stainless steel pipe connection is used, decisively replace it!

Check the suction motor again, and find that there is sewage entering the situation, a lot of dirt has been attached to the bottom, and this motor is about to be scrapped! Can the water absorption effect be good!

There is a lot of tape wrapped around the sewage pipe

Customers really have a way to deal with it!

This bracket has broken

This bracket is also a factor that leads to poor water absorption!

In short, there are many problems, and the battery is already bulging. This machine is still good for repair, but the problem is too serious, and the cost of the parts that need to be replaced is relatively high! How to say, repair or buy, you can also buy a new one, the main thing is the problem of later use and maintenance!

The customer said that he needed to consider before deciding, then he packed up the tools and charged and left.

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