What are the good uses of affordable water milk, summarize it for everyone, moisturizing and whitening, which one have you used

Toner and lotion are inseparable skincare items in every girl’s daily skincare routine, from teenage girls to mature women over 40 years old.

Toner can provide moisture to the skin and play a role in secondary cleansing, and some toner wet compresses can also play a deep moisturizing and hydrating effect. The lotion can lock in moisture, so that the previous skin care products are better absorbed by the skin and are not volatilized.

It is undeniable that water and milk are the most basic and indispensable skin care products

, and in the face of a wide range of water milk products on the market, many girls said that they were picky and did not know how to choose.

In my opinion, the biggest role of water milk is moisturizing and hydrating, followed by the functional role of whitening and anti-aging. If the financial ability does not allow, you can choose a slightly more basic water milk, and appropriately increase the budget when choosing essences and creams.

Today I am here to share with you several affordable water milk, moisturizing and anti-aging, which one have you used?

01. RNW water milk

Keywords: niacinamide ingredients whitening and brightening, tranexamic acid ingredients have both brightening and hydrating and moisturizing effects, the two-pronged effect is 1+1 greater than 2, and the additive-free formula is suitable for a variety of skin types.

Feeling of use:

In recent years, the ingredients of niacinamide have been very popular, it has a whitening and brightening effect on dull and dull skin, and RNW’s water milk has such an effect. In addition, it is infused with hydrating and brightening tranexamic acid, which works in tandem to improve dryness and dullness while moisturizing the skin.

In addition to the above advantages are not enough,

This fragrance-free, coloring-free formula is gentle and non-irritating, allowing even sensitive skin to use

, and the water milk texture is in the middle of light and sticky, suitable for most skin, it is a choice that will not step on thunder.

02. Gu Yu repairs water milk

Keywords: One of the most popular domestic water milk, with basic moisturizing and whitening and brightening skin tone, the ingredients are mild and non-irritating, and oil skin can also be used.

Gu Yu light sense repair water milk recently blown quite wind, especially the student party and some young ladies especially like, it in addition to the use of excellent feeling, but also has a super high appearance, the bottle mouth is wood color, plus white bottle design, both simple and atmospheric,

In addition to its good appearance, the most important thing is that its core ingredients are good enough.

In addition to licorice root extract and sodium hyaluronate, natural plant extracts such as shea butter and rose flower oil are added.

Numerous ingredients come together to moisturize, brighten and brighten the skin, and its ingredients are gentle and non-irritating, even if you have acne skin or sensitive skin.

03. Laneige water milk

Keywords: two textures for choice, dry skin oil skin can be used, oil skin oil control, dry skin hydration, friendly to delicate skin. ’

Laneige is a skincare brand owned by Amore, and one of the most popular affordable skincare brands in Korea, I believe that many girls have used this water milk. Its main effect is to soothe and hydrate, keeping the skin hydrated for a long time, while balancing water and oil and tightening pores.

This water milk has a very intimate advantage, that is

It is divided into two different textures, the moisturizing type is suitable for dry skin, and the refreshing type is suitable for oily and mixed oily skin, which has a good improvement effect for different skins

。 It can strengthen the skin barrier, as well as maintain the skin, in the country for so many years of popular Korean Laneige water milk, must have its excellence, have you used this water milk?


The water milks summarized above are relatively high in the same price range in terms of sense of use and efficacy, and they are all companies with relatively stable development and trustworthy in quality.

In fact, there is no absolute good or bad for skin care products,

If you are pursuing the effect of moisturizing and hydrating, these water milks are enough, and the first two water milks also have the effect of brightening the skin tone.

Whitening is not something that happens overnight

In addition to skin care products, you also need to do a good job of sun protection. Or that sentence, A of honey, B of arsenic, only suitable for themselves, can use the effect of 1+1 greater than two.

Feeling of use:

Feeling of use:

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