How to choose USB voice microphone and computer voice microphone

I believe that friends who live broadcast at home or like to play games are no strangers to voice microphones, so what are the styles of voice microphones? Let’s take a look at it.

Headset voice microphone

I believe that many post-80s and post-90s, you have used it when you were immersed in the era of Internet cafes, when you used a headset headset to play games. Various styles emerge one after another, and the disadvantage is that long-term use will cause permanent damage to the eardrum, and the ears will also hurt, especially in the hot summer.

With the birth of the live broadcast platform, condenser voice microphones are widely used, and the use occasions are more widely loved by everyone. The combination of large-diaphragm condenser microphones and sound cards has achieved many Internet celebrities. The following is a widely used traditional condenser microphone, cardioid polarization.

Large diaphragm condenser voice microphone

From the headset voice microphone – gooseneck voice microphone – large diaphragm condenser voice microphone, large diaphragm condenser microphone as the leader of live broadcast and recording This is an indisputable fact. The disadvantage is that the use of large-diaphragm condenser microphones requires tripod support, and the second is that unless you buy a large-diaphragm capacitor with high sensitivity, you can put it on the side of the computer, so as not to block the field of view, but the price is slightly higher, the range is between 350-550.

So what kind of voice microphone will be born in the past two years? Take a look at the USB desktop voice microphone

KOBE24 USB voice microphone

Let’s take a look at the performance of KOBE24:

The KOBE24 desktop voice microphone can be easily connected to the computer via USB interface, and plug and play without installing drivers.

Omnidirectional sound pickup: Any angle has the same sensitivity, accurately captures the vocal signal, and the sound is delicate and rich. Suitable for multi-person streaming

3.5mm monitoring: real-time monitoring with zero delay, can monitor the voice of the voice and adjust in time to achieve high-quality recording effect. It is equivalent to an audio interface, and it is easy to operate, which is the first choice for many game anchors and online teaching.

Using perception technology, it is easy to switch between three different states with touch

Light color display corresponding function: (red light flashing = microphone mute / monitor mute) (red, blue and green cross flashing = microphone on / monitor on) (purple light = microphone on / monitor mute) touch the top of the product to switch function

Automatic noise reduction quality is clearer – good sound quality comes from the noise reduction chip, using the noise reduction chip, integrated noise reduction reduction human voice technology, people effectively reduce the surrounding noise when speaking, so as to restore the voice voice clearer.

Intelligent compatibility with various APP, easy to control various scenarios: Internet celebrity live broadcast, free game, distance teaching, etc

360° omnidirectional radio range, no need to speak close to the microphone, just put on the table to speak towards the microphone can receive, can be placed in your visible position, sitting, lying down, leaning, as long as you like, listen to you. Small size, light weight, and less space.

Online classes are easy, no longer worry about children hunched over, you only lack a voice microphone, stay away from myopia, protect your hearing as the starting point.

Comparison chart:

Since the XP era, fantasize about voice typing and free your hands! Voice input on mobile phones has been implemented for a long time, but the PC side is far away. Until iFLYTEK launched the PC version of the input method, this dream began to come true.

Live broadcast large diaphragm condenser microphone + sound card recording live broadcast is indeed far ahead, but when it comes to game voice, online classes, online teaching, on-site yoga and fitness teaching, if you can completely release your hands, isn’t it easier?

Headset voice microphone

KOBE24 USB voice microphone

KOBE24 USB voice microphone

KOBE24 USB voice microphone

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