Jianlan Suxin famous “Qingshan Yuquan”, simple maintenance, fragrant, inexpensive and easy to maintain

Orchid is China’s historical traditional flower, although there are many varieties, but the most popular is the plain orchid, because the plain orchid is an elegant representative, and the plain orchid is called “grass flower”, there are almost no hybrid varieties, all are the following mountain orchids, the ancients said “plain without inferiority”, very reasonable.

Today I strongly recommend to you a vegetarian orchid in the best, its flower color is more special, the outer circle of the petals is emerald green, the rest is snow-white, like a clear spring water flowing down from the green mountain, it belongs to white flowers with green mouth, and the new shoots are also with green mouth, it is Jianlan – green mountain jade spring.

Qingshan Yuquan was originally named Bai Zhu Su, because its flower stem is also milky white, one stem can bloom 7-11 flowers, the flower type is very neat, about 3 times a year, it belongs to the representative of strong fragrance orchids, after blooming you can experience the “world’s first fragrance” has a perfect interpretation on it.

The opening of Qingshan Yuquan is not very stable, the advantage can only open Qingshan or Yuquan, if you open the perfect “Qingshan Yuquan” then you can take this pot of flowers to participate in the orchid exhibition, there is definitely capital to show off, this is its charm, after a pot of 4 seedlings, the effect is better.

The maintenance of Qingshan Yuquan is relatively simple, belongs to an entry-level orchid, novices can also raise well, the key is that the price is relatively close to the people, like orchid friends can buy a pot to slowly appreciate it, the cost performance is very high, will not let you down.

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Qingshan Yuquan orchid seedlings with buds Perfumed vegetarian flowers are easy to maintain



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