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Today is our January “Dress Test” column, two issues have been published before, everyone has a lot of fun, many “old” readers say that they all chose the right haha ~ poke the blue words below to review:

How to choose a pleated skirt

How to choose and match a sweater

The theme of this issue is: How to choose and match winter pants?

Most people choose to wear warmer pants in winter, but it is not easy to wear them in style.

A total of 9 questions, some single choice and some multiple choice, click on the option will pop up the analysis ~

Let’s play together:

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1. Which pants light up well in winter? (Multiple choice questions)

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A White

Bingo! ✔️

White pants work well all year round, and lighting up works wonders. Take a look at the comparison

Coats, sweaters and even down jackets that are easy to look old and difficult to control, you can try to wear white pants and become fashionable in a second.

And wear white pants in winter without worrying about being fat, you can use a long coat to modify ~▼

B Blue

Light colors are better.

Blue jeans are common in autumn and winter street shoots. The lighting effect of dark blue is worse, and light blue will be much better. But light blue jeans are not as photogenic as white, and if you want to look different, you still have to put some effort into matching. ▼

C Brown

Brown pants work well in winter! It’s easy to create a vintage literary style.

Try matching with bright colors such as green, red, denim and more. Even a small area of color contrast can highlight the brown texture and make people look good. ▼

D Khaki

Khaki is actually not so suitable for winter, it is visually lighter and more suitable for summer or autumn.

2. If a small person wants to show his legs in winter, which of the three pants below is not so good? (Multiple choice)

A micro-flared cropped pants

That’s right.

Cropped pants can show the ankles, and the overall is refreshing and thin, but its length is limited, and the effect of showing leg length is not as good as the full length.

B very long trousers

From the visual point of view, the length of the pants is the length of the legs, and the full-length pants do not have the risk of dividing the legs into two segments, and the effect of showing the leg length is better. These very long trousers, which just cover the feet, are neat and neat, and they are very suitable for work.

C extra-long flared pants

Extra-long flared pants + high heels are the most deceptive combination of height. The flared pants have a large opening at the cuff, and the 6cm heel hidden inside can not be seen properly, and the cuffs will be more friendly if they have a slit design. This trick must be learned by small people.

3. Which pants have a better effect on decorating a small tummy? (Multiple choice)

A High-waisted jeans

Dame 🙅

High-waisted jeans will tightly wrap the entire lower abdomen, and the grooming effect is weak, especially when sitting after eating.

But people with small bellies don’t have to completely refuse high-waisted jeans. Two solutions: wear it with a long coat, or take the hem out and wear it. ▼

B Trousers with pressed pleats

Bingo! ✔

The pressed pleats design at the waist of the trousers leaves a certain space for the belly, which will not fit tightly to the abdomen, and will appear that the middle section is relatively flat and neat, and the effect of covering the stomach is good. IT IS ALSO PERFECT FOR COMMUTING TO LOOK OR FOR GIRLS WHO WALK BIG FEMININE STYLE.

C knit pants

Look at the fit.

Knitted pants are very popular this year, but many soft knitted pants on the market have no effect on the figure at all, basically – what you look like and wear it.

If you want to buy knitted pants that are not so conspicuous, remember to choose a dense weave, you can choose wide-leg pants with a loose fit and draped fabric, or you can choose tapered jogging bottoms.

D leather pants

It’s not big 🙅 either

Leather pants are generally glossy, and the belly may be reflective, especially when full and appear more bulging 😂

4. Pear-shaped body If you want to look thin, which pants will be more friendly? (Multiple choice questions)

A leggings

Not preferred 🙅

The tights are wrapped tightly, the pear-shaped body has thick thighs and more flesh on the PP, and the modification effect is not so good after wearing. There are certain requirements for collocation.

Winter is easier to solve! It can be decorated with a longer coat. ▼

B flared pants

From the perspective of thinness, flared pants are actually the pants that are the least suitable for pear-shaped figures. The pear-shaped body generally has more PP and thigh flesh, and the flared pants just tightly wrap the PP and thighs.

If you like to wear it and don’t want to look thick on your thighs, remember to choose flared pants with a slightly looser design at the thighs.

C mom jeans

It’s okay.

The whole of mom’s jeans is a tapered shape with a wide top and a narrow bottom, which is relatively loose and can hide meat.

D tapered smoking pants

The loose tapered pants hide the flesh, and the material of the trousers is very draped, and the ability to show thinness is better than that of mother’s jeans, which is super suitable for pear-shaped. The pear shape with thin ankles can be selected for eight or nine points in length, exposing the advantages and making them look thinner~

5. Which pants are easier to wear in French style? (Multiple choice)

A flared pants

Yes! ✔️

Flared pants is a very representative French item, French women have worn for decades, and now French bloggers are almost all handy, it particularly highlights the curves, with its own emotion, and French women love to wear boots are a perfect match.


Wide-leg trousers

Wide-leg trousers are handsome and powerful, and are more suitable for big women or commuting. ▼

C corduroy trousers

Corduroy pants are perfect for autumn and winter, and are a fashionable item that will last forever, but it is difficult to buy one that does not look fat… Its style has a sense of old-fashionedness, a bit of retro literature, which can be used to create French style, but also can be used to walk British style, little boy style and so on. ▼

D checked pants

Plaid trousers are one of the iconic pieces of British style. ▼

6. Which pants are not so suitable for commuting? (Multiple choice questions)

A striped smoking pants


Striped smoking pants are a common commute-style item.

B checked pants

It depends on the décor and fabric.

Check pants with plain colors and a strong sense of fabric formality are decent.

Check pants made of material like flannel feel too homely, and colleagues will ask if they come to work without changing their pants.

C Jeans

Not very suitable.

Most jeans have a casual feel and are not suitable for more formal commuting occasions.

Among them, the more formal ones are small black pants, which can be “disguised” as smoking pants, and do not look too serious, more relaxed, suitable for light commuting style.

D slit trousers

With the right match, you can wear it to less formal work occasions.

This year’s popular slit trousers length is basically a little mopping, compared to ordinary trousers a little more sexy and style, street photography with daddy shoes, flat shoes are more, lazy but not very suitable for wearing to work.

If you want to wear it to work, it is best to wear it with high heels to add a sense of formality. ▼

7. If you want to wear sneakers to walk athflow, which pants will be better? (Multiple choice questions)

A jogging bottoms

That’s right! ✔️

Jogging bottoms are also considered the top in this year’s pants, it is a sports item in itself, with sneakers is very smooth, the upper body can choose some formal items to create a sense of conflict, such as coats, suits, shirts, vests, etc.

B trousers


Trousers and sneakers are enough to create a sense of conflict, both handsome gentlemanly and looking relaxed.

C Wide-leg leather pants

This combination is quite popular this year, and leather pants are cooler than trousers. But the leather pants themselves have a relatively large sense of volume, and it is best to choose a lighter color for shoes, and the style should not be too bulky.

D Leggings

The style is not quite right.

Leggings don’t quite fit the relaxed athflow style. However, if the rest of the body is sporty, it will not be very contrary to wear it.

8. Want to wear a combination of shorts + tights in winter, which pants are not so suitable? (Multiple choice)

A Leather shorts


Wear shorts in winter, leather pants are the first choice for many fashion sophistication, its fabric has a certain weight, warm and windproof, and the color is very dark, with socks is also pleasing to wear. In terms of style, the handsomeness of leather pants can neutralize the sexiness of tights and the gentleness of sweaters. Miss Zhong liked this trick

B Wool shorts

Perfect for autumn and winter.

Wool shorts belong to western pants, the fabric is thick, the warmth performance is also very good, compared to leather pants, it is a little more formal, but because the length is short will not be serious, it is very suitable for wearing with the same color suit, you can also walk the little boy’s style.

C denim shorts

Not so good.

Autumn and winter matching is more suitable for items with a large sense of volume, shorts have a small sense of volume, denim materials are mostly lighter, and the color is light, and tights are particularly easy to violate the sense of harmony.

This one looks good, all thanks to the appearance and figure of fairy model Frida. ▼

9. Which pants are less suitable for pairing with Martin boots? (Multiple choice)

You can take it.

Martin boots and various corsets are quite compatible, relaxed and handsome. ▼

B cargo pants

Very fitting.

Practical Martin boots also have a sense of “workwear”, and the style of cargo pants is very smooth, and many supermodels like to wear this combination. ▼

C Wide-leg trousers

Not so suitable.

The soles of Martin boots are thick and heavy, and the volume of wide-leg pants is also very large, which is easy to be bulky and more picky together. ▼

Both pieces have their own British style and are harmonious together. This combination is still common in the British style of the Japanese “Fudge” and “Cluel”. ▼

Li Becca’s words:

All the friends who answered correctly come to the comment area to report, we will randomly draw a lucky goose to give a gift, let me see which friends got a full score 💯!

How did you have the past week? My first week of 2022, nothing major happened, and work wasn’t too busy. In such a steady footsteps, it is not bad to leave the old and welcome the new. If there is nothing to worry about, it is a good season on earth~

Happy La Ba Day!

Good night, see you tomorrow 🙂

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Bingo! ✔️

Dame 🙅

It’s okay.

D checked pants

A jogging bottoms

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