Always wear a sweater with a short neck? It turns out that the neckline was not selected correctly, please put away this dress strategy

In autumn and winter, most women use sweaters as underwear to keep warm. However, some sweaters are fashionable and fashionable, while others appear to have short necks and strong upper bodies.

The reason for such a huge difference is that you don’t choose the right neckline, so do you know how to choose the right sweater with the right neckline according to yourself?

In fact, the neckline of the sweater has a great influence on your overall style, and choosing the wrong one makes the overall details not so outstanding. So, how do we choose in daily life, today, we will make a comprehensive discussion from the style of the neckline to how to choose the neckline that suits you.

Turtleneck sweater

There are generally two common styles of turtleneck sweaters, one is this thick needle turtleneck sweater, the longest length of the neckline is level with your chin, so it can completely cover your neck, visually extend your neck line, and also appear that your outfit is more warm and textured.

Pile collar in a turtleneck

Although this kind of neckline also belongs to the category of high necks, the fabric will appear to sag, piled up at the neck, and the neckline will appear more layered. If you belong to a girl with a relatively short neck and want to choose a high neck, but do not want the high neck to completely cover the neck, you can choose this style of stacked collar, warm and fashionable.

Matching details for turtleneck sweaters

Choose a three-dimensional design, so that the neckline appears three-dimensional, and the effect of modifying the face and neck is also the highest. If the fabric of your neckline is very loose, then it will take on a pleated pattern, which will be ugly.

Sweater with a medium neckline

The length of the neckline is in the middle of the neck, so it is suitable for girls with short necks. Sometimes a turtleneck sweater will look visually bloated, but a mid-neck sweater will look lighter and not look too heavy with a coat or coat.

Mid-neck sweater with details

Mid-neck sweaters mostly show a section of the neck, so they won’t completely cover your neck line, and most of the mid-neck sweaters are made of thin fabric, so they don’t look very thick when worn. It is very suitable for matching clothes with high three-dimensionality, such as suits, trench coats, etc., and the style of wearing it is relatively simple and casual.

Sweater with round neckline

Crewneck sweaters are also more casual sweaters that don’t cover your neck at all, while also visually making your shoulder line look longer. The style of the round neck is more casual and not formal enough. For example, in addition to sweaters, round necks and sweatshirts also use this neckline.

Crewneck sweater with details

This kind of sweater has a very low neckline, so the shoulder line will be made more rounded, that is, the three-dimensional is not high. His basic fit is thin top and bottom wide, that is, an A-line version, so it is not suitable for underwear, because the fit is relatively wide. He is very suitable for wearing alone, and then he looks good with pants and skirts tied up in the corners.

Sweater with V-neckline

This kind of neckline sweater is one of the more feminine sweater styles, because the V-neck will have a certain skin-revealing nature, so it will appear strong color contrast. And the V-neck can expose your delicate collarbones and visually extend your face shape, so this neckline sweater is very suitable for women with good shape.

Matching details for a V-neck sweater

If the V-neck sweater is underneath, because of the skin-revealing nature of the neckline, the warmth is not very strong, so he is not suitable for wearing it under the jacket. However, we can choose this V-neck cardigan, oversized neckline with button decoration, a casual style will come to the face, whether worn open or buttoned, the style is very good.

Sweater with lapels

This kind of sweater with a neckline is a combination of a V-neck and a high neck, which is not suitable for underwear, because the neckline is more complicated, so it is difficult to choose a jacket to match. However, this sweater with a neckline is very suitable for wearing alone in early autumn, and it has a sporty casual effect.

Matching details for a lapel sweater

This sweater will leak a little because of its skin-revealing nature, but the style is the most casual of all necklines. If we want to choose this kind of neckline in autumn and winter, it is best to wear a thicker T-shirt inside, so that the warmth will be stronger, and it also highlights the casual sense of the lapel, which is very suitable for lively girls to wear.


Although the neckline is a small detail of the outfit, if you choose it wrong, it will also overshadow your outfit. If you want to know what neckline you are suitable for, take a look at the five recommended above, basically wear it, it is not wrong.

Pay attention to the daily styling guide and meet a more beautiful self with your outfit!

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