High-grade textured dazzling patent leather bag makes you shine

May 23, 2018 – Patent leather elements can be said to have become popular on the streets of fashion week in recent years, from clothing to accessories, but all items with patent leather will inevitably catch fire. In the face of the enthusiastic summer, the clothes can not be less brilliance on the body, and the small patent leather bag lights up the summer shape, dazzling and eye-catching So easy~ (Image source: Visual China)

September 15, 2016, New York, USA, September 14, local time, (seventh day) 2017 Spring Summer New York Fashion Week: Street Hipsters. Gold, sunglasses, chain, choker, white, shirt skirt, waist seal, lace, corset waist seal, patent leather, skirt, dress, white, long skirt, black, handbag, bag, patent leather bag, gold, leaf, lace, sandals, high heels, women’s shoes, shoes. (Image source: Visual China)

February 25, 2017, local time, Milan, Italy, (Day 4) Milan Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2017: Street Hipsters. Sunglasses, brown, circle, earrings, color, color blocking, contrast, multi-colored, white, orange, jeans, washed jeans, trousers, denim, pants, straight version, frayed white, suede, booties, boots, ankle boots, chains, chain bags, bags, shoulder bags, belts, brown, windproof jacket, windbreaker, plaid and checked, chanel, patent leather, glossy leather, patent leather bag. (Image source: Visual China)

September 2017, local time, New York, USA, Spring Summer 2018 New York Fashion Week: Hipster Street Auction (collection). Silver, chain bag, shoulder bag, bag, patent leather, patent leather bag, bag, short sleeve, half sleeve, knit, knitwear, spring/summer 2018s/new York fashion week/street photography (Image: Visual China)

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