Girls are so handsome in black leather clothes in spring! Several sets of dressing methods are worth learning, thank you, there is a sass

Leather clothing is a very common item in girls’ wardrobes. After all, everyone has a chance to be a cool girl. The leather jacket, a super handsome magical item, is immediately cold and cold when worn on the body.

If you match the sunglasses in the style, you will immediately write the temperament of “no one loves” on your face. The strong style of dressing is eye-catching and eye-catching, which is worth learning! How do you create a beautiful leather coat? Let’s take a look together!

1. Black leather jacket + floral dress

The sweet floral skirt, flowing and flexible, has a romantic atmosphere of spring, and is full of sweet ladylike style on the body. With a cool black leather jacket, a combination of one soft and one rigid, after neutralizing the temperament, the whole has a sweet and cool feeling.

With a pair of black cropped leather boots and a black handbag, the outfit is refreshing, clean and handsome, very stylish!

2. Black leather jacket + blue shirt + black underwear + black pants

Black underwear and black pants, a black underwear cool, but also thin and tall. The trousers are a loose fit that feels comfortable to wear. With a fabric with excellent drape and elegant design styles, the upper body will also have good proportions, and the overall feeling of laziness will be there.

A blue shirt is layered in the middle, which not only enriches the sense of color of the outfit, adds visual highlights, but also adds a retro charm. The outfit has an excellent sense of layering and is very fashionable.

3. White T-shirt + light blue jeans + black leather jacket

A white T-shirt paired with light blue jeans is a classic and simple way to wear it in daily life. As long as the T-shirt does not choose a very exaggerated style, it will be refreshing and clean when worn casually.

This simple matching method can show the sense of youthful vitality, wear it on the body with a girly atmosphere, and the effect of reducing age is particularly good. Simply match it with a black leather jacket outside, and the style of wearing is immediately “cool”. The way of wearing and matching colors is very simple, but also harmonious and attractive.

4. White shirt + black trousers + black leather jacket

The matching of white shirt + black trousers is also a common and practical way to dress. The basic white shirt is simple and atmospheric, and you can’t go wrong with this dressing formula.

With a short leather jacket outside, it is A and sassy, very handsome. The corners of the shirt are casually tucked into the high-waisted pants, and the outfit has a casual sense of relaxation, and also creates a visual sense of long legs, which looks full of aura.

5. White short hoodie + black trousers + black motorcycle leather jacket

The black motorcycle leather jacket is simply synonymous with handsome and cool, and it is sassy and stylish behind it. Layered over a cropped white hoodie for athleisure.

There is a sense of layering, the sense of existence and style of wearing is also stronger, and the eye-catching degree is very high. Wearing black trousers and black short leather boots, continuing the overall cool style, wearing a simple and comfortable but strong style, very good-looking!

6. Black leather jacket + printed white T-shirt + denim shorts

The basic printed white T-shirt with cropped jeans is simple and clean, and it is very youthful and energetic. With a pair of black booties, it generously shows off long legs, which is also cool and spicy, very fashionable and sexy.

After wearing a black leather jacket, the feeling of cool and spicy wind is even stronger. With a bright baseball cap, the outfit has a highlight, and the overall color sense is richer. While the sense of styling is more complete, the overall eye-catching is also higher!

7. Tight crop top + black wide-leg pants + black leather jacket

The tight-fitting crop top is very designed, sexy, hot and feminine when worn on the body. Paired with a pair of black wide-leg pants, the loose fit can cover the hips and define the leg line.

Coupled with the black visual shrinkage effect, it is very thin when you wear it. With the “top short and bottom long” inner layering method, the body proportion will look particularly good. Wear a black leather jacket with a cool feeling. It’s cool and spicy, it’s fascinating!

8. Tight gray sweater + black skirt + black leather jacket

The skinny gray sweater is elegant and atmospheric, and it is very curvy and feminine when worn on the body. Using the classic way of “knitwear + skirt”, the skirt is paired with a long black skirt, and the long design is more intellectually elegant.

The slit design of the skirt and the design of the metal button look very expensive and textured, and the moderate skin exposure also looks sexy and attractive. With a black leather jacket, it is a little more casual handsome and cool, and the overall temperament has become more harmonious!

9. Red knitted undershirt + black wide-leg pants + black leather jacket

A bright and rich red sweater that is eye-catching and eye-catching. The unique square neck design is also very retro Hong Kong flavor when worn on the body.

Paired with a pair of black wide-leg pants, it is casual and simple and full of aura. With a black leather jacket, it also becomes more cool and sassy, and it is very fanciful!

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