Electric vehicles began to remediate the wind shield quilt, which can be replaced by gloves

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People riding electric vehicles are very comfortable in warm weather, but in the cold winter is different, riding an electric car is really particularly frosty, for this reason, many riders will add some weather and rain to the electric car, but these additional parts not only can not withstand the cold, but also violation, so what is the way to protect against the cold? Let’s analyze today about the installation of cold parts on electric vehicles.

What does the electric vehicle refer to as cold and rainproof plus parts?

The so-called electric vehicle cold and rain protection accessories are some windshields, umbrellas, wind quilts, etc.

Can wind covers, umbrellas, and windshields be retrofitted to electric vehicles?

There are certain safety hazards in adding some windshield umbrellas, windshields, etc. to a two-wheeled electric vehicle, and according to some provisions in the Road Traffic Safety Law of the People’s Republic of China, it is not allowed to install them.

What are the safety hazards of windshields, windshields and parasols installed to protect them from the cold?

The first wind shield is:

The fixing method of the wind shield quilt is fixed on the handlebar of the vehicle by the two ropes on the wind shield, then the safety system of fixed brakes is installed on the handlebar, and it is likely that the brakes cannot be pulled to the end by the wind shield rope, which undoubtedly affects the safety of electric vehicles.

Second windshield:

Windshield is a very exaggerated way to protect against the cold, installing a half-shed windshield on the electric vehicle, not only losing the appearance of the electric vehicle, but also this kind of thing also affects the sensitivity of the electric vehicle turning handlebar, there are very large safety risks.

Third parasol:

This kind of wind and cold protection thing is more pompous, a live electric car “parachute”, in the face of wind and rain, can not be blocked at all, but to the electric vehicle driving brought resistance, there is a very large safety hazard.

Many places have rectified the installation of wind covers, windshields and parasols on electric vehicles

However, with the implementation of some relevant management regulations of the new national standard electric bicycle, major cities have strengthened the rectification of some illegal acts of electric vehicles, and the traffic police will stop the car and help dismantle these cold “decorations” installed on electric vehicles, and verbally warn and persuade.

These additional parts, in the driving process played a very large resistance, in fact, for the cold and shelter from the wind and rain can not play any role, Xiaobian believes that it is a personal psychological factor, do not have to affect their own driving safety for these additional components.

Since you can’t add a quilt, windshield or umbrella, is there any other way to keep out the cold?

The answer is of course yes, in addition to using knee pads, gloves, helmets, etc. can also wear warm clothing, which effectively improves the sensitivity of driving, is very effective, reduces some unnecessary accidents, such a way to protect against the cold is the real way to protect against the cold.

Plum Summary:

Xiaobian believes that the real way to protect against the cold, as mentioned above, we can take gloves, knee pads, safety helmets or winter clothing, which is the real way to protect against the cold, neither violation, but also to protect against the cold; The installation of windshields and parasols not only affects driving safety, but also does not play much role in Yuhan, and also violates some provisions in the traffic law, which is undesirable.

What other insights do you have on how electric vehicles can keep out the cold? Welcome to discuss, the above content comes from the accumulation of common sense in daily life, for reference only!

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