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The sunset of the long river, the lonely smoke of the desert, the tired traveler, stepping on the footprints of thousands of miles, with an unchanging dream, to the country of silk production – the distant “country of Seris”. They are walking on the Silk Road.

“Seris”, meaning Silk Country and Silk People, is the name given to China by ancient Western geographers and historians.

As early as the 5th century BC, Chinese silk was spread overseas, and the history of Chinese silk fabrics is almost as long as the history of Chinese civilization.

Later, Chinese silk continued to be introduced to the West, and the wealthy classes in Western countries regarded Chinese silk as a supreme treasure, calling it “the gorgeous sunrise of the East”.

The “Silk Road” of trade directly promoted the exchange of Eastern and Western cultures and affected the development process of the whole world.

Silk refers to the continuous long fibers formed by solidifying the silk liquid secreted by ripe silkworms when they form cocoons. Silk fiber is one of the earliest animal fibers used by humans. Silk is a general term for silk fabrics made from silk fibers.

Silk has excellent biocompatibility with the human body, and the frictional stimulation coefficient to the human body is the lowest among all kinds of fibers.

And good moisture absorption, under normal temperature, it can help the skin retain a certain amount of moisture, not make the skin too dry; Worn in summer, the sweat and heat discharged by the human body can be quickly dissipated, making people feel cool.

Bai Juyi once wrote: “The wind blows the fairy robe fluttering, like a neon feather dance.” “Yuyi” refers to the clothes of the immortals, which he has naturally never seen.

What he saw was Yang Yuhuan’s silk dance clothes, and if there was a gorgeous dress comparable to “feather” in the world, it was naturally silk. Only silk can have such infinite charm, and the clothes are fluttering, like the wind.

In the Book of Poetry, it is said: “The rogue of the squid, take the bandits of cloth and trade silk to trade silk, come and I will plot”… A small silk horse became a medium for young men and women in ancient times to convey their affection.

It is a poetic reverie, a symbol of romance, and also a sustenance for people’s beautiful feelings. When silk crosses mountains and rivers from the east to the west, the shimmer of silk brings up a new life of beauty.

Spring silkworms form cocoons, spit silk into cloth, and then dye with grass and wood, warp and weft inlay, and the heavy process of weaving silk drapery is like a process of weaving dreams.

From half a cocoon shell of Yangshao culture to the famous Silk Road, mulberry silk runs through China for 5,000 years like a non-existent thread.

Difan silk women’s silk nightdress

Westerners regard Chinese silk as a supreme treasure, but they have not known where silk came from for a long time, thinking that “silk is born on trees, and when it is wet, it can be combed into silk.”

Only the Chinese ancestors knew how to use wild silkworm cocoons, and then domesticated wild silkworms and artificially cultivated mulberry trees, and finally realized the process from silkworm breeding to silk and clothing.

Silkworms molt 4 times during the entire feeding process, shed their skin once, even if they grow 1 year old, after becoming a fifth instar larvae, they begin to spit silk and form cocoons, silk fibers can be said to be completely transformed by the life of silkworms.

The process of extracting silk from a silkworm cocoon is called “reeling”. The cocoon is soaked in a hot pot of soup, the cocoon silk is pulled out by hand and rolled on the basket, several cocoon silk are merged into raw silk, raw silk is processed into warp and weft, and interwoven into silk fabric according to certain organizational laws, after printing, dyeing, cutting, ironing, the silk clothes ready for wearing are completed.

Difan silk women’s silk slip nightdress

Who would have thought that the wise thinking of the Chinese ancestors again and again, and the attempt to use nature to use each other’s bodies, would amaze the world and leave the treasures of civilization for the world~

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